JT Hodges Debut Album Review

JT Hodges Offers Up Original and Inviting Sound with Debut Album.

When I first heard JT Hodges‘ debut single, “Hunt You Down“, I knew there was something special about this guy, and I had high hopes for the debut album was that slated to release this year. After getting my hands on a copy and giving all ten tracks a solid listen, I am pleased to report that Hodges didn’t let me down. What he is offering country music fans is a well-written and relatable album that has an original sound.

One thing that immediately stands out to me is the level of quality and subtle diversity in the instrumentals. Hodges has music in his blood, with both his parents being in the music industry and growing up playing in his father’s recording studio. This influence is more than clear through all of the tracks, and it accounts for the variety we hear in the music from the pop-country vibe in “Hunt You Down” to the rock back beat of “Rather Be Wrong Than Lonely” to the old school bluesy country that is all over “Green Eyes Red Sunglasses” to the twang we hear in “When I Stop Crying“. I had the chance to chat with Hodges earlier this year, and he promised there would be something for everyone and all kinds of tastes on this album. That is certainly the case, but instead of sounding disconnected in an effort to draw a larger audience (as someone might assume), the tracks meld together well and really do form one complete album that listened to as a whole has a distinct sound that is original and inviting.

Besides the quality of the music, the quality of the lyrics also stands out on this album. Hodges co-wrote all but one song on the record, and he proves that he knows how to tell a story. Each of the songs seems to be taken from daily living and experiences which makes each of the songs relatable to the country music listener. Whether he’s singing about the secrets of small town life in “Sleepy Little Town” or living in the moment in “Leaving Me Later“, JT paints pictures that anyone could easily identify with, and I think that this quality is extremely important, especially with country fans.

One last great thing about this album is that its the kind of record you could listen to anytime whether you’re riding in the car with friends with the windows down on a lazy afternoon or the on the way to a concert, or maybe just while you’re hanging around the house or at work on a Monday, this is definitely one of those albums you just put on repeat and go!

JT Hodges releases tomorrow (Tuesday, August 21st), so you don’t have to take my word for it! You can grab your own copy, and be sure to tell us what you think!

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JT Hodges Complete Track Listing.

1. Rather Be Wrong Than Lonely
2. Sleepy Little Town
3. Hunt You Down
4. Give It One More Night
5. When I Stop Crying
6. Goodbyes Made You Mine
7. Leaving Me Later
8. Right About Now
9. Rhythm Of The Radio
10. Green Eyes Red Sunglasses

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