Julianne Hough – Is That So Wrong – Video

Julianne Hough’s latest video for Is That So Wrong causes a blogosphere stir.

Blogs across the web are all in a tissy over Julianne Hough‘s new video “Is That So Wrong” and I’ll have to admit, I’m right there with them.

Since when is writhing around on a bed, skillfully stripping while flipping, or otherwise doing a Pussycat Dolls impression important in a country music video? What do you think? Too much? Not enough?

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14 Replies to “Julianne Hough – Is That So Wrong – Video”

  1. Maybe those are the things that made Ryan Seacrest notice her and thought it will have the same effect for others if she puts it in a video. Too much, trying too hard to sell this song. Guys will enjoy watching if for sure, but I doubt it will generate sales especially for a country act. Maybe she should try pop instead, were all the writhing and stripping is more acceptable.

  2. Ryan better be ready to spend his money on itunes and cd sales because I’m sure country fans are raring to purchase her single and cd ha ha ha . . .

  3. How quickly you all forget and are quick to criticize Julianne’s bed work! Where were you when Teen Taylor Swift was writhing in her bed while singing one of her earlier tunes? Got her noticed, didn’t it? Then the video was toned-down.

  4. So you mean she’s gonna be a country superstar also because of her bedwork? Well, I guess “BED WORK” will really make her a country superstar. . . .

  5. I don’t know who Jullianne is, but she was really great on Dancing with the stars.

    Marge, you are a stupid slut who could not sleep her way to the top even if you paid men to sleep with you. Suck on that!

  6. Too much humping of furnitures and taking of clothes. Not enough focus on the song. Only saw a girl who is almost naked at the end of the video and did not really hear the lyrics to the song.

  7. WHAT she’s with Ryan Seacrest????!!! But he is . . . never mind, I know people know what I mean . . .

  8. This single pretty much bombed in sales. Wonder if her record company will let her go eventually? She has no credibilty as a country singer.

  9. ya’ll need to get off your soap boxes and get real for pete sake you mean to tell me that that video is worse than trace adkins having a woman naked on a bed covered in front by a sheet or chris young having a naked woman in a bath tub (with very little bubbles in the tub may i add) getting dresses up then walking out of the bathroom and taking her dress off come on all im gonna say is if u r offended by the video dont watch it but in my opinion a woman dancing around her house (or apartmant) in her underwear dont make it offensive a fat man in a speedo that is offensive Ya’ll just need to chill out and to cmt PLEASE PUT THE VIDEO BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!

  10. Yes, put the video back. I don’t see anything wrong w/that video also. It’s all right 4 the guys to have provocative moves in their video, but u get Julianne who is the only real country dancer n she does her moves which is nothing compared to some of the guys. What is wrong w/her moves, i do some of that myself, so does a lot of other girls.
    e.g., women like Chuck Wicks Hold That Thought video bc they says its hot n steamy…he falls between the girl’s legs, ready to …..her n also touches her bottom n they don’t pull that video?! Some of the women says that they have to see his video at least once a day!!!
    Also, saw LeAnn Rimes dancing in a retro bikini on “America’s Got Talent” show w/her latest Swingin n she also jumped to straddle a backup dancer at one point.

  11. Julianne is HOT, and yes this is coming from a straight girl. There is nothing wrong with her video, like some other people have mentioned there are country videos out there where men country singers are making things hot & steamy, and you don’t see their videos being taken off cmt. Julianne’s got it so she should be able to flaunt it.. to me she’s classy.. it’s not like shes sending a negative message in her video, what she’s doing in her video relates with her song and if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. The girl can sing, dance, & she’s beautiful..no need for haters. CMT put this video back on!!

  12. I found the video online. I liked it. It is no more suggestive the Bristol Palin was when she was shaking her fat a$$ on tv. The right wing bible thumpers didn’t have a problem with that.