Katie Armiger Is Smokin In Playin with Fire Video

Katie Armiger Really Sets Things On Fire with Her Latest Video.

Katie Armiger debuted her newest music video for single “Playin with Fire” earlier this month. At first, I really loved this song because I thought it was a strong female voice with a strong female perspective. The more I listen though, the more I really can’t decide how to read it. The video doesn’t really clarify anything for me, either.

The song is essentially telling the story of a woman who knows a man is bad news, but continues a relationship with him anyway because it feels good (does it?). That theme alone is entirely contradictory and confusing, not to mention setting a poor example for women. It’s true that folks, men and women alike, get wrapped up in similar situations often, but is this the kind of message we should be promoting as sexy and modern?

Watch: Katie Armiger “Playin with Fire.”


To me the moral of this story moves counter to common sense, and encourages the idea that women really, deep down, want to be abused in some way. I’m sure the intention of the song writer’s, and no doubt, Katie, was to provide a sexy, catchy, radio friendly tune, and the song does meet that criteria. And honestly Armiger is undeniably talented with vocal chords that sound like they could belt out just about anything, and make it sound beautiful and powerful. Her vocal skill is partially why it took me a few listens to realize that the message behind the lyrics was so derogatory.

The video too, also well-made by professional standards in its own right, provides a contradictory image of the woman in the song. She is working with her hands, getting messy with tools in a garage somewhere, building some complicated piece of machinery (turns out its a giant blow torch), but she is still super feminine with perfect make-up, cleavage popping out everywhere, form fitting clothes and sky high heels (because that’s what I wear when I’m wielding potentially dangerous machinery). So, yes, ladies be strong, but not too strong, don’t mess up your make-up! Also, be in control of your relationship, but not really since whoever you’re with is probably hurting you in some way.

This song, along with the video, takes women backwards a few years…decades, to the world where women just take what’s dished at them. Worse to me though, it’s pretending to be a kind empowering tune for women, feigning control (“I’m already crazy and I feel fine”/”I know you’re like playin with fire but I like the burn”) and strength (all that fire in the video, and using tools, etc).

Despite my criticisms here, I genuinely am excited to hear/see more from Armiger as I’m sure her star will continue to rise, but I just hope that what comes next is a little less feeding into female stereotypes and a little more original.

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