Kenny, Cameras, and Outdated Concert Rules

Kenny Chesney is cited for confiscating a woman’s camera during a show at Gillette Stadium, but is the reasoning behind his action really outdated?

Kenny Chesney fans all over are reading the news today that Kenny confiscated a woman’s camera at a show in Foxborough this last weekend, which brings to light a serious question aimed at both concert-goers and organizers alike: In this day of camera phones, miniature HD camcorders, and the wild spread of social media buzz and hype, how realistic or even beneficial is it to try policing these devices at concerts?

Seriously, seeing live footage of a concert only makes fans more excited to see the artist themselves, and you WANT fans to come to concerts! That’s where the real money is! Not in record sales, not in iTunes downloads, not in awards shows. A person video-streaming from a show to perhaps their Twitter or Qik account becomes a personal recommendation for that artist to all of their friends, fans and followers. Where I come from that’s called FREE PRESS! Social media is one of THE most powerful tools in a modern marketing arsenal for any artist, and concert officials are trying to block it by banning video devices at shows? Passionate fans become your brand ambassadors so why stifle them? Why prevent them from creating a positive buzz about your live performance?

Of course the only semi-decent argument I’ve heard is that in the event something goes wrong at a show, you may not want video proof of it. Do they mean the obviously-staged Tim McGraw fan removal (gee, it was great for press the first time, let’s do it again!)? Or the recent outpouring of sympathy and support for those hurt in the Canadian concert stage collapse last week? Either way, I think the rules regarding video recording at live concerts need a little updating. Limit my allowable devices. Only block pro gear. Require registration. But don’t stop me from being a dedicated fan who spreads the word about my favorite artists!

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