Kenny Chesney: Boys of Fall Video

Have you heard Kenny’s latest single, “Boys of Fall”?

It seems that a summer off touring has allowed Kenny Chesney the time to find more honesty, sincerity, and purity to express in his upcoming album, “Hemmingway’s Whiskey”. The first track to surface “Boys of Fall” carries a wistful and nostalgic tone that puts your right back in those late summers of your teenage years. Take a listen!

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39 Replies to “Kenny Chesney: Boys of Fall Video”

  1. Is he going to make a video to this? Is one out yet? This is a perfect song for a video.

  2. Video is coming. I’m friends with one of Knoxvilles finest Chad Pennington… and acorrding to Chad, Kenny contacted his people to get permission for video from him playing ball… Sounds like Kenny is contacting alot of his Football Player Friends and gathering video clips… I know I cant wait to see the result.

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  4. he should of filmed the video in small town andale,kansas where the whole town shuts down there buissnesses to go to the game, Andale has won 2 state championships in 06 and 07. the old ppl come inside of the cafe and talk about stuff just like in his song. andale has a repution for football they r always one of those teams that r good every year. i think andale is the perfect place to shoot this video unless he has already done it . I think that he should use high school football players from a small town for this video.

  5. I love this song. It truly reminds me of when I was in High School 20 years ago. I grew up in a small town, my graduating class had 26 kids. Our Friday and Saturday nights always revolved around High School sports. The whole town would come together and watch the boys play Football or Basketball. I was a cheerleader and my only dream in life was to marry the star of the Football team. Of course, it never happened but this song really hit home for me. I love listening to Kenny Chesney because he does have songs out there that people really relate to. Thanks for giving me the chance to remember back to my high school years. It is great to relive memories.

  6. Should be a video for this in the next few months. Kenny and his camera crew were at my school earlier this year taping a football practice and a bunch of us walking around in the halls.

  7. This is a wondful song. We just saw him perform at Hullabalou in Louisville and he is just awesome!

  8. The video for Boys of Fall is going to be aired on ESPN a little bit before noon EST this coming Monday, 8/2. I have my DVR all set!!

  9. I am a sophomore and have played since my 7th grade year and if this song doesn’t hit your heart you don’t truly love the game of football.

  10. My husband is a small town head football coach and if Kenny would like a great place to shoot his video our small town is a great farm town for small school football. Either way, I am sure it will be a great video! Can’t wait to see it!

  11. Kenny had a film crew in Texas last fall (2009) and filmed footage of some small town high school teams like Celina, Prosper and also took some footage from some other Dallas area teams.

  12. THis is a great football song . My 7 year old is playing fall football this season

  13. Our high school team is shown several times in this video…the team in green and white (and covered in mud) is the mighty Greenbrier Bobcats of Greenbrier, TN. Our guys are shown in the spray of water, and also in the scene where they are stepping up to a play as well as a blips of games. Kudos to Kenny for recognizing our awesome football town!

  14. Awesome song Kenny…and congrats to all the teams in the video…wish he would have come to Blufield WV the hometown of the Bluefield Beavers…they have 10 State Championships and their crosstown rivarly game is considered one of the top rivarly games in the nation and they are being featured on ESPN this yr…..

  15. we are a football family. I love watching my boys play football. 8th grade & 4th grade, my daughter cheers 7th grade. my husband is the head coach and runs our football program. I was a cheerleader and my husband an outstanding football player. we both come from a small town growing up together and now raising our own family in another small town where everyone knows eachother. this songs says it all and i’m so happy that i found it. thanks to you for creating this song and bringing me back to my high school times. miss them so much!!! . Looking forward to seeing the video.

  16. My son is a Senior at Grove City High School, we are 1 of 4 High Schools in the Southwestern City School District, located outside of Columbus, Ohio.

    When our school levy failed, our school board had no other alternative then to do away with school sports. This was during my sons Junior year. How sad was it for the players, coaches, parents and yes our entire town, not to go to the stadiums on Friday Nights and watch “our boys of fall” play the game of football, as they have for many of years. You never realize how you have taken this opportunity for granted until it is taken away from you. Friday nights were not the same not being in the stadium hearing the marching band come it….signing the National Anthem…and cheering the boys on under those big lights! We as a community were lost, we were sadden.

    But the DAWGS are back…our first game will be August 20, 2010!! After 2 years our BOYS OF FALL will take the field once again! And I will be in the stands with a hugh smile on my face, as I know my sons dreams will be coming true again. He dreamed to play football in his senior year and it all starts on that Friday night!

    These days are here, cherish them….the days fly by GO DAWGS!

  17. What a song!!! My “boys of fall” are all grown-up but after years of high school and college ball with them, this is a football mom’s song for certain. I drive by their highschool every day on the way to work and cannot wait for doubles to start so I can honk , cheer and wave.
    Kenny Chesney is a star and you can hear his heart in his songs. AThanks so much.

  18. Agree with all the comments above…..nothing like watching your son play football (since he was 8 yrs old) and now he is going to be a senior this year. I get teary eyed everytime I listen to it. My son and his team love this song and play it over and over on their i-pods. I am going to make sure I take lots of pictures of my son and his team during the season and make something with the pictures and the song for all the boys at the end of the season. I will miss these football games after this year. My daughter was a cheerleader before this. I have been watching my girls cheer and son play football for the past 14 years. Nothing like kids playing football and cheering. Great job Kenny!!!

  19. Does anyone know where I can find the speech at the end of this video of the “Last Play” it was so inspiring to me. Please help.

  20. We pull into every football game blastin this song!!! This is my brothers last year of football. they are seniors and it kills me to think that there will be no more friday night games well friday night games that i can run up to my big brothers and tell them i love him and they played an amazing game and then pass over a $20 cuz keenan sacked the QB. I am proably the only girl that can’t wait till after the game cuz i get my sweety hugs! i will miss the games and the hugs but football runs deep in my blood and always will. we have 9 games left and its alot of praying that everygame all 4 of the walk off the feild cause my papaw didnt several times but this song brings back things for my whole family and THANK YOU KENNY!!!!!!

  21. such a great song. gets me so excited for those games under the lights. the speeches in the videos are so amazing they drew me in and i love this song

  22. Video’s out! go to youtube! If you love football and LOVE and ADORE Kenny Chesney, this will be your favorite!! God Bless Kenny & good Ol’ American Football!

  23. The scene with Coah Payton is not from Texas. It is from Naperville Central High School in Illinois just outside of Chicago. That is where Sean Payton went to High School. I know because I also went there and those are the jerseys and some of my coaches from high school are in the video.

  24. Oh, that smell of fresh cut grass! The call to duty “Huddle Up” the sound of the band, coming into the stadium ! The quiet ride to the stadium on the Bus ! and of of course “the fourth quarter” when it all happens, and you have a chance, to lay it on the line. The love , the sweat, the blood, and most of all the feelings of a bond, that no other sport can produce. Eleven men, all as one, a team, making decisions every thirty seconds, that whole towns depend on ,for bragging rights, for another year. If we ever get into a War, let me have the football players and you can have the soccer guys. We will win every time. This is part of what makes America Great, you can go down to the stadium every Friday nite, and forget about all of your problems, and live the dream ! Ron

  25. this song is my schools theme song and when me and my friends walk out we are the 5 that walks out together.and this song is the way we r we all have each others back.

  26. Luke – Search youtube for Last Play Speech. Get the speech on iTunes. Search “Last Play”

  27. This is an amazing video. The coaches words at the beginning are so true and bring so much emotion looking back at my own life. Thanks for yet another great moment to make us remember and inspire us at the same time.

  28. The Boys of Fall is so appropriate for a video I want to put together for my dad on Father Day! He was the home town hero and then he got my mom pregnant and was made to play different positions on the football team back in 1950. At age 16, married and with one disabled daughter and another child on the way…playing the home town rivals for the little brown jug… his interception running the ball down the field with 4-3guys riding his back trying to bring him down he manages to cross the goal line to win the game.

    God Bless this song…I am going to put his High schoo photos newspaper clipping, my mom and my sister & brother as babies in the small video I am going to make just for him.

    Thanks, Kenny Hope you’ll be ok with my plan.

  29. Who is the player at the end with the #27 on his jersey? If I knew what school he represented, I would know whether or not if it was a relative of mine.

  30. When I first heard this song this year I knew Kenny was singing about football, but I never really truly knew what the words meant until last night when my 14 year son who plays football, this is his first year said to me “football is different than any other sport, we are like a band of brothers out there, clapping our hands, etc”. This almost made me cry because I knew what the words of this song truly meant!

  31. This song is a soul song,I remember my brother playing football,FRIDAY NITE HIGH SCHOOL GAMES,trash talk and HARD HITS,prestige and glory THEY EARNED as a TEAM,,and the life lesson he used up until his death a year ago,,this song touches my heart,,my son plays and wears my brothers #57,,watching him play is joy and pain…but a life lesson ,,That i jus can not explain,, He plays like him.

  32. Ever since I was a little ‘boy’ I have disliked all sports, especially football! All three of ‘my’ bullies in high school were on the football team of my school year and one of them was the captain. Our house overlooked the athletic field of my high school and it was always so exciting to get all dressed and made up as a girl while real boys my age were playing rough and tumble football! Also, I’m so glad I avoided doing anything that could build upper body muscles because now even my arms are slender and weak and I look so much like a girls that I pass as one everywhere I go.

  33. Love this song. Is there anyway to get the speech the coach is telling the boys. Greatest I ever heard. Brings tears to my eyes everytime. Even though my son plays baseball, still applies the same.

  34. Made it through my son’s senior year of football with plenty of tears and listened to this song many times. On Senior night they played this song while they called out the Senior boys and their parents……not many dry eyes. Can’t say enough about this song and video……everything is true in it!!!!

  35. My son, now 25, played football from the age of 9 until he graduated from high school. I never missed a game! Even now, years later, when I hear the band playing at the local high school staduim near my home and hear bits and pieces of the play by play, I get a lump in my throat and misty-eyed remembering those Friday nights at the stadium, watching my son run out onto the field and look up into the stands, I would wave, so he could see me, and he replied with a “thumbs up”!
    I have 3 grandsons, who, I hope will play. I miss it!!!

  36. My high school was featured in this the darkish red team Montgomery Bell Academy they were playing the team that were in white jerseys and blue helmets from Nashville