kcbigrevivalHits Billboard’s Top 40 Two Weeks Before Add Date as The Big Revival Picks Up Good Reviews and Strong Sales

Nashville, TENN. (September 29, 2014) – Kenny Chesney heard “Til It’s Gone” and he knew he had the distillation of everything The Big Revival was destined to represent. Not about how far or how much, the surging midtempo David Lee Murphy/Rodney Clawson/Jimmy Yeary song was an invitation to not just being in the moment, but hanging onto the one or ones you love for all its worth.

“Obviously, it’s a song for a guy and girl and that moment in a relationship where you put everything on the table,” Chesney says of the song that sweeps listeners up in another one of the intriguing rhythms on Revival. “But when I heard it, I thought of my audience, of the No Shoes Nation – and what an act of faith it is for us to get together. There are people whose lives might be falling apart, who’ve travelled a hundred miles to get there, who just need to have that night where their faith in living is restored… and if you live like that, I think, the song suggests you can get all the good out of what’s meant to be.”

With “American Kids,” The Big Revival’s debut single, spending two weeks at #1 on the Country airplay charts, Chesney knew he had to come with something that packed the same stopping power. A direct invitation, “Til It’s Gone” is powerful, long on the embrace of the audience and full of the passion he sought to capture on his new record. Chesney chose wisely: two weeks before radio stations were even supposed to add the single, it hit Billboard’s Top 40.

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