Kenny Chesney Is Taking it Slow in 2010

Kenny Chesney has announced that he will NOT be planning a 2010 summer tour.

Kenny Chesney sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his decision to take touring out of his 2010 schedule:

Kenny Chesney News“I’m not quitting,” he told the magazine. “It’s just a short pause. It would be easy to keep doing it, because it’s fun and the fans are unbelievable. … Then you realize that at some point you’re missing a part of your life. … I need to recharge creatively and get off the clock of having to be somewhere … and having to keep juggling all these things. And people needing answers. I just felt like this year it finally hit me that I need to get reconnected with my family.”

This is a surprising move for one of the top-grossing acts in country music, although not completely unheard of. Kenny Chesney’s last 2009 tour date will be September 19th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. Chesney stated he will have some performances in 2010, most likely acoustic performances, just not the big shows.

“Something to feed my soul,” he said. “I’ve given a big part of my soul for this for so long, and nothing has really been filling that up. It seems like in the last couple of years, I’ve been on an empty tank. And that’s gotta change.”

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6 Replies to “Kenny Chesney Is Taking it Slow in 2010”

  1. Although, I do respect Chesney’s need to “recharge” himself next year. I wonder if he’s taken into consideration as too how many people he’s leaving unemployed, such as band members, sound and lighting crews, bus and truck drivers, just to name a few.

    I seriously doubt that he gives a damn one way or another that all these people will be unemployed.

  2. to the ‘other bill’, I am sure that everyone, meaning EVERYONE involved with kenny Chesney has been consulted and am sure everyone involved with Kenny’s shows has put in just as much time away from their families will be taken care of. Dont be so quick to shoot down someone without knowing all the facts.

  3. The one thing I’ve always noticed about Kenny is he always showed appreciation toward his crew.
    I know I don’t know him personally, but after seein his interviews, shows, DVDS, I can tell he’s a very down to earth guy.
    I cant see him just leaving his crew in the wind since he does take them to the islands after his tour.
    He’ll probably compensate them somehow..

  4. Kenny ROCKS.

    If he feels the need to take some time off, Im absolutely sure he needs it.
    I have seen a few of his shows and they are AMAZING. So much fun, inspiring and motivational. basically A DAMN good time!

    As for leaving his people unemployed…that’s a bunch of crap. Not that I have met him, but I’m sure he is compensating them well and the time they are able to spend with family surely is worth more than money!

    Keep rockin Kenny….and Have a GREAT chill year!


  5. Hey Kenny chesney I really love u and your music and I haven’t got to see any of your concerts and I want o see one this year I have loved your music since I was 8 and I hope u keep doing concerts and performances u really rock and u r awesome I would hate it if u stopped performing! So I love u and keep doing the great work and keep it coming:):):)

  6. I would like to say I’ve nevr met, saw any of his concerts, never saw an interview, never bought a cd, and I’m not a member of his fan club…but after reading everything about him on all these sites on the web..whether legit or not sites…I have great admiration for this man…he is another King that will go down in town as being the best man to everyone…if he has a bad day I’m sure he takes a breath and is on his merry way…as for the women in his life…well who doesnt want to be him…come on guys…all the beautiful women that are in love with this man…shoot the ones that say he’s gay are jealous cause they can’t be him and get to do the things that God has set for him to do..He pays his team members 100 of them infact to still be employed and the others that didn’t stick around…well Kenny knows now “who his real friends are” and they should’ve respected Kenny needed a year off to recharge that battery…see’n he’s a machine and who doesn’t feel like one of those…man I do…I do the same thing but different day everyday….they could’ve saved money for a rainy day…they could’ve waited until the break was over….but they didn’t….but the next people he hires are gonna be the lucky ones…..All I have to say is let him be at peace…cause his sould is weary and he needs this time to reflect on who he is and what God wants him to do….bp