Kenny Chesney May Cancel Keg Tour

Kenny ChesneyEvery year for the past 5 years Kenny Chesney has held what he calls the “Keg in the Closet” pre-tour, but this year he may scrap the whole thing thanks to some nosey net nerds. The tour consists of surprise shows announced only hours ahead of time at bars in smaller college towns prior to each stadium show on his Poets and Pirates tour. His first appearance on this year’s bar run was planned for the Jupiter Bar and Grill in Tuscaloosa Alabama, however someone “hacked” into the bar’s website and somehow found plans to the show. They announced these plans in a comment on the Kenny Chesney website, causing Kenny to re-think the whole idea.

“The spirit of this has always been for me and the guys to get out, get a little sloppy, play a bunch of songs we love and have a good time,” Kenny explains. “It’s supposed to be loose, easy and in the moment. But if this kind of craziness is already happening, it means we may have hit the point where we can’t do it anymore. I’d hate that, but these clubs can’t handle that kind of crowding, and I don’t wanna put them through it. It’s a shame. It’s a lot of fun for everybody, and it’s always seemed like the people who didn’t get in were good sports about it.”

This would be a terrible shame since the opportunity to see such a big-named artist in such an intimate venue is hard to come by.

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One Reply to “Kenny Chesney May Cancel Keg Tour”

  1. Shame on the hackers!!! Keep it real Kenny baby – I know you & your management can put your marketing heads together & keep this TOUR going. I live in one of the University towns & even though I have not been able to attend a KEG concert, I think it is a great idea & the consideration you are showing to your fans by doing this separates you from the rest of the pack!! Go VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!