Kenny Chesney Premieres Hemingway’s Whiskey

Kenny Chesney has announced a radio premiere date for his new album, Hemingway’s Whiskey, September 28th.

Kenny Chesney has certainly built up plenty of suspense and buzz around the release of his upcoming album, “Hemingway’s Whiskey” but the wait is almost over. Reports are now in that Kenny will host a radio premiere of the album on September 28th in a 90 minute special. Radio talent Bob Kingsley will be presenting the album during his Top 40 broadcast, which will be shared across 130 frequencies, including the following radio stations:
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One Reply to “Kenny Chesney Premieres Hemingway’s Whiskey”

  1. I am a very proud mom of, what else, a former high school football star
    . There was nothing I would rather do on a friday nite than sit in the stands and watch my son fight his way down that field. Thru the rain, snow, and the occasional beautiful days of football season I sat in those stands and and just beemed with pride. I watched my son grow in so many ways on that field. I would give anything to once again see him play.
    I thank you Kenny for this song because it just says it all.