Kip Moore Up All Night Album Review

>There’s Somethin’ About Kip Moore’s Up All Night.

On the third track of his debut album, Kip Moore tells us all about how “There’s Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck“, and I’m here to tell you there’s somethin’ ’bout Up All Night! I first heard Kip when I stumbled across his video for “Mary Was The Marrying Kind“, and I was instantly hooked. Now, if you want that single, you’ll have to get the deluxe version, but have no fear, there is plenty real, quality country to be had on the eleven tracks that make up this brand new album.

From beginning, “Drive Me Crazy“, to end “Faith When I Fall“, country music fans will find in Kip Moore something that is both familiar and something that is unique. It seems frequent these days that we run across artists who just want to market themselves as country (throwing in some fiddle at the last minute or making sure they have a lyric about a creek or bonfire…) But these artists simply don’t have the authenticity to back it up. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that (as long as everyone is willing to recognize that’s what’s goin’ on), but when someone like Moore comes along, it makes those less than true artists pale in comparison. From his gravelly voice to his honest, well-written lyrics, you cannot help but be drawn into the stories he tells in each one of his songs.

Besides being a talented singer, and songwriter (he co-wrote all of the tracks on this album!), Kip provides a sincerity in his delivery that gives his music a quality that is easy to relate to. Like when he sings “I guess I’ll always have this longing in my heart” on “Crazy One More Time“, you can almost feel it too. There is just heart felt sincerity in every note and every lyric!

The music on this album keeps a pretty even keel, with some faster and some a little slower, but overall, it feels like one solid piece of work. Its the kind of thing you could put on no matter where you are, and it will always be a good idea. In that third track, Moore also lets us know that there’s somethin’ ’bout a kiss that’s gonna lead to more. I just hope the same applies to this album…keep the music comin’, Kip!

If you’re curious about Kip be sure to head over to iTunes to check him out!

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