Laura Bell Bundy:Achin and Shakin Review

Laura Bell Bundy’s debut album Achin and Shakin is less than mediocre to this true country music fan.

Reviewing Laura Bell Bundy‘s CD was a difficult task for me because I feel like I am listening to a Brittney Spears Broadway wannabe with just enough country to get a record deal. That being said, I have to commend Bundy on the fact that she had a hand in writing every song on this album with the exception of the first track, “Drop On By.” The first half of the album, Achin, is full of country heartbreak ballads like “Curse the Bed” in which the singer is trying to figure out how to move on from a broken relationship. The 4th track, “Please” stands out for me as the best song on the entire CD. I found myself listening to this track over and over again and feel like that was the “real” Bundy voice. To explain, she sang without pushing her vocals and more importantly her accent. Her vocals and soulful deliverance of “Please” reminded me of Alannah Myles “Black Velvet.”

Moving on to the Shakin side of this album. The lead single, “Giddy on Up” along with the rest of the album reminds me of the hit musical Best Little Whorehouse in Texas only with a lot less talent. Has traditional country music fallen for the “Lady Gaga” type image? Over-the-top theatrics with a stage show hiding a lack of talent. The Shakin side of this album diverts my attention away from the Achin side by being completely overdone. Bundy seems to be relying on her old Broadway skill set to do her new Country Music job.Country Music Photo Gallery

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  1. Very good article. I feel like you are correct about the stage over shadowing talent. Many of the younger, newer country stars are putting on elaborate stage productions to capture the youth crowd, but that is not what country music is about. Granted Garth Brooks did this, but hey he is Garth Brooks…