Lenny Martelli Releases Much Awaited EP “Just A Thought”

On the Rise Country Artist Lenny Martelli Releases
Much Awaited EP “Just A Thought”

“Just a Thought” Throws You Into a Vortex of Inspiration”

NASHVILLE, TN (October 21, 2019) Country artist Lenny Martelli hailing from Philadelphia and most recently Nashville has released his long awaited EP  “Just A Thought” on October 18, 2019. The EP is available on all digital streaming and download retailers ie; iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google. Listen Here

The 5 track EP, entitled “Just A Thought“, features his first 3 singles (previously released), as well as 2 new songs – “When I’m With You” & the stand-out title track, “Just A Thought” co-written with Billy Dawson and Producer, Noah Henson.  The EP is actually set in chronological order of writing and recording,  Lenny started this project in 2016 and the evolution of writing and vocal growth is extraordinary. When Lenny started working on the EP, he was trying to fit into the “standards” of Nashville and what was expected of an up and coming artist.  He says he was working to fit in rather than stand out. Lenny has evolved over the past two years and he is writing and producing music that is authentic to his vision. Link to Download and Streaming Sites.

“Just A Thought” is not just good it is exceptional in every way. Lenny’s rich vocals are absolutely flawless and the moving lyrical composition brings an unexpected inspirational message. The second new song to release on the EP “When I’m With You” is a fun ride-along love song that celebrates the good feelings and great times of being with someone very special. Both of these new songs will thrill Lenny’s fans and his new audiences will be hooked! Lenny does not disappoint with his delivery of incredible music and effortless talent.

Lenny is an inspirational young man and his gratitude for the opportunity to create his music is his gift of life. Ten years ago at the age of 15,  Lenny suffered a catastrophic accident while snowboarding.  The accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. With sheer determination and intensive rehab for 9 months, Lenny was back on his feet, and moving forward without looking back. “I think what I’ve been through as a recovered quadriplegic and the positive outlook I’ve kept through it can help people anywhere, going through any hardship. I’ve never been afraid of a crowd, I love getting in front of people and making them feel good by either talking and sharing stories or playing music. Above all that though, I just love people and am grateful that what I get to do relies on the mutual love of people listening to my music. – Lenny Martelli

Watch This Video Click Here  (Brief Documentary of Lenny’s recovery and rise back to country music)

Lenny has an extensive resume for his short time in the country music industry. He has opened for Dierks Bentley, Jon Pardi, Chris Young, Chase Rice, Lindsey Ell, Neal McCoy, The Swon Brothers and more.  He is currently performing and touring in the Northeast Region and will be heading back to Nashville to continue writing and recording his upcoming EP.

“The greater Philadelphia area has produced countless musicians that have gone on to become huge success stories.  The list goes on forever, but includes Hall & Oates, Jim Croce and Chubby Checker.  It isn’t necessarily thought of as a hot bed for country music, but don’t be fooled.  There are people in that part of the country that not only love the genre, but there are artists creating music in it as well. I met one of those people this week.His name is Lenny Martelli and if you’re willing to hang out with me for a few, I think you’re not only going to become a fan of his, but you’ll probably even feel better about your day in general.  His story is all about tenacity.” – Patti McClintic (Journalist)