Listen Now: “More Than A Bad Habit” by Tracielynn

Country up-and-comer Tracielynn has released her debut ep, More Than A Bad Habit, today (8/18) with her highly anticipated single “Broadway Cowboy” featured as the focus track and setting the tone on her eight-track debut.

Listen Now More Than A Bad Habit by Tracielynn

More Than A Bad Habit is a collection of songs that delve into the complexities of love, life, and self-discovery, all set to a backdrop of city lights and cowboy dreams. Listen HERE.

“To say I am excited for my debut ep to be out in the world is an understatement! Each track tells its own story, but collectively, the ep is a journey of all the twists and turns that come with life and love,” says Tracielynn. “With every note strummed and every lyric penned, I have poured my heart into each song and had so much fun in the process.”

With each track, Tracielynn’s unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and powerhouse vocals take listeners on a musical journey through the stages of a relationship.  From the initial spark of “Broadway Cowboy,” to the raw reality portrayed in “People Break Up,” the eight-track debut unfolds as a musical exploration of the multifaceted nature of relationships. Each track encapsulates a different emotional chapter, taking listeners on a rollercoaster of feelings as they resonate with themes of finding new love, facing heartbreak, and summoning the courage to begin anew.

With its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a swaggering guitar riff fit for an outlaw, “Broadway Cowboy,” penned by Tracielynn and produced by Grady Saxon, is a standout track bound to blow the roof off every party bus across the country.

“You’re just one of them boys down on Broadway
Wearing them boots that ain’t ever seen dirt,
Pretending to shoot dark whiskey, even though Bud Light makes ya tipsy,
Stealing the young girls’ hearts like Toby Keith singing Gene and Roy,
Actin’ like you’re something, but you’re just a Broadway Cowboy”

More Than a Bad Habit is available now on all major streaming platforms, visit HERE. Keep up with Tracielynn at or on all social platforms at @Tracielynnmusic.

More Than A Bad Habit Tracklist: 
1. “Broadway Cowboy” (Tracielynn)
2. “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” (Kalsey Kulyk, Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey)
3. “People Break Up” Remix (Sarah Allison Turner, Riley Thomas, Hayley McLean)
4. “Faith In You” (Matt McKinney, Joybeth Taylor, Alex Maxwell)
5. “Some Days I Do” (Joybeth Taylor, Matt McKinney, Hunter Wolkonowski)
6. “All Boys Do” (Kalsey Kulyk, Troy Johnson, Scott Lindsey)
7. “All Goes South” (Smith Ahnquist, Jeb Gipson, Forest Whitehead)
8. “More Than A Bad Habit” (Tracielynn)


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