Want to Meet Taylor Swift?

A Taylor Swift VIP Experience: Enter to win a trip for two to see and meet Taylor Swift live during her 2011 tour.

Blockbuster is giving Taylor Swift fans an opportunity to win a VIP Experience where 2 fans will meet and see Taylor Swift live on her 2011 tour. The grand prize includes round trip airfare, two nights/three days hotel, tickets to an upcoming concert, and a meet n’ greet with Taylor!

To enter, visit Blockbuster.com!

This is not a CMNB giveaway drawing. This contest is run by Blockbuster in cooperation with Big Machine Records and Universal Music Group. Country Music Photo Gallery

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26 Replies to “Want to Meet Taylor Swift?”

  1. You just wouldn’t realize how much you could make a Sweet 16 yr old’s Dream come True. She has been through more at the age of 13 , losing her Mom, than any 13 yr old should have had to endure. She is now 16, and such an Avid Fan of Taylor.
    Please grant this Amazing Wish to my Sweetest Granddaughter ever, Alia Brooks!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Her Nana

  2. To meet Taylor swift would be a dream come true for many people i know that. that’s why if it ever happened i don’t think i could believe it, it sounds nearly impossible and feels incredible i love you taylor

  3. I come from Spain to Grand Rapids to see her july 28th. Please I beg you make my dream come true. It’d mean the whole world to me πŸ™‚

  4. I live in Massachusetts and Taylor Swift is my hero. I look up to her completely and it would be the most amazing thing in the world if I was able to meet her, I realize other people want to meet her but i LOVE Taylor and i hope my dream will come true!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t even know where to begin. I am not the type to beg or ask for anything. Even when in school I am not the girl who raises their hand to ask for help. I am the girl who stubbornly sits there getting confused and flustered for hours because I want to figure it out myself. But, if I learned anything for Taylor’s album speak now, it’s that if there is something burning inside you to say you can’t just hold it in and expect things to change you have to say it, when you feel it, when you know you should and not be afraid too. Be fearless. However, I am still not going to beg or ask for you to pick me, it just wouldn’t be who I am. What I am going to say is how amazing I think Taylor Swift truly is and what an impact her music has had on my life. Whenever anything goes wrong in my life music is where I go to calm myself. And I find for everything there seems to be a Taylor Swift song for that. Most recently after a boyfriend broke up with me the songs story of us and dear john were constantly playing and making everything start to feel okay again. Just knowing that I am not the only one going through this or had gone through it was such a feeling. Her songs got me through some of my darkest days, since after that break up, five days after to be exact, my grandma passed away. I had so much grief going on and it seemed her music was always there to help me along my way. So even if I don’t win this that will be just fine since through her music I have won something far greater and that is knowing that I can get through anything and everything life throws my way even if it is all at once. So what I want to say is thank you Taylor for making your beautiful music and saving me countless hours of crying. Keep making your beautiful, enchanting, inspiring music.

  6. Hello! I am the mother of the sweetet 7 year old in the whole world! Her name is MIchelle and she adores Taylor Swift! My number one job as a mother is to make my little girl believe in her dreams. Help me keep the magic alive for Taylor’s #1 7 yo fan! This would mean the world to my daughter and in consequence make me happy as well! SHE DESERVES IT!

  7. Taylor, I am your biggest fan. Really… I know everyone says that(lol) but I truly am. My two BFFs and I are super fans. We went to your concert and you and Justin Bieber came to the back of the arena and talked to us. I nearly fainted! I am inspired by your music and the lyrics of your songs speak to my soul. I learned to follow my dreams and to pick myself up when I fall. You are my hero and I would be the luckiest person in existance if I could meet you. I could not open the link to Blockbuster’s web… but still, consider me to meet you. You are my idol

  8. Wait! I forgot to say something! Taylor… the Speak Now album helped me get through bad times… a close family freind had cancer(survivor!) and I listened to this and cried for hours. Also, a friend of mine was suicidal and I told her to listen to the CD and she got help. She is now happy and healthy(and half the country away:( ) but, thank you for creating songs that are meaningful and true. Other artists just create songs about drugs and se*, but you pour out your heart… and I started writing music too ever since you inspired me. Thanks Taylor. Even if I don’t win, know I will always be listening to your music and will remain to be your #1 fan forever. Thanks

  9. i know there r a LOT of people who want to meet you so i probably wont get picked….. but it would be incredible if i won

  10. just wondering does anyone know taylor swifts fan number cuz ive looked it up and there r a bunch of different ones so i dont know which is real?

  11. I’d love to meet Taylor Swift! I just got married and my amazing twin sister was my Maid of Honor. She was amazing, everything I could ask for. I am taking her to the concert as a thank you (even though I can never thank her enough)… this would be the cherry on top!

  12. Taylor Swift, you inspire me. I love you so much. I so want to meet you, I love you. I have never been to any of your concerts. I am DEFINITELY your #1 fan, no doubt. Love you. I live in the UK so I’m obviously not American, like you. I know probably more about you than you do yourself! If you don’t mind me saying. I am eleven years old and I have a cousin who also adores you. She has been to your concert, on the 29 March 2011 at the M.E.N arena in Manchester, England. You stroked her hand, she said.
    Love you

  13. Me and my twin sister are HUGE Taylor Swift fans and have been since 7th grade and are now seniors in High school. We have tried many times to meet Taylor and winning this contest would be the an absolute dream come true and would “definitely be the highlight of my senior year :’)” (Taylor’s acceptance speech when she won Country Music Association the Horizon Award) Taylor has taught me so much and I feel I have grown up with her, and being able to tell her how important she is to me and how she’s been a major part of my life in so many different ways would soo amazing! I can’t emphasize enough how much my sister and I would love to meet Taylor but I know that the chances are slim, but I will never give up on fulfilling my dream of meeting my idol. Taylor didn’t give up on her dream so why should I? I really hope I will get an opportunity I already got/made her a gift that I would love to give her personally!

  14. A few years ago,when i was 8 in 2007, I had a seizure and ahd to have surgery. I started thinking of myself as weird and unnatural. Then, on my way to skating a year or two later I heard “love story”. I was like “this song is amazing!”. I found out it was Taylor Swift. It was funny ’cause at first I told my sister I just wanted “love story” on my ipod but she got me the whole album. I just listened to “love story” but then my curiostity got the best of me and I started listening to the other songs. I seriously fell in love with it, that was all I would listen to. Taylor,Taylor, Taylor! I am now 12 and nowadays, whenever Taylor comes on the radio in the car or in a store, I start dancing and telling everyone “OMG, it’s Taylor! Everyone shut up!” lol. When I saw Taylor in Calgary in 2009 Iwas seriously bawling I was so excited and I was screaming and my dad hadto cover his ears for most of the concert. When I went tosee her in Edmonton this August, I, again, screamed and sang and danced, and I seriously lost my voice for, like, 2 days! I have all the books and magazines about Taylor and I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly want to meet her! πŸ™‚
    Taylor, I love you like sparkles and having the last word. And that’s real love!

  15. By the way, it was brain surgery, if you were wondering. πŸ™‚
    **Sorry about the spelling mistakes!**

  16. Taylor I think you are awsome and you are my favorite singer in the hole wide world I really want to meet you so badly and your the reson I stood up to my self to other people I love and I think of you as a sister my name is olivia cook I am 12 and I am your biggest fan and my number in case I win it is 19028342260.

  17. WOW! if I were to have a chance to meet the amazing role model herself I am pretty sure I would pass out my mom and I are huge fans , I find your music so inspirational the way you reach out to people and tell them don't be afraid to be thereself, I want to meet you so badly it macks me excited just think about it <3 I love you so much I have been watching you from the minute you starting your first tour <3. my name is Sarah Rose I am 12 years old and I AM without a doubt your BIGGEST fan , my moms cell # 19056511552 , <3.

  18. was just browsing through this page and I felt the need to write something down.

    taylor is without doubt the most amazing person in this world. the way she makes people feel is truely unbelievable, and I know this because its exactly how she makes me feel. she inspires me to be a better person, and when I'm older I would love nothing more then to make people feel the way she makes us feel. I cannot even beggin to imagine how proud her family would be of her and how proud she would be of herslef, because she is truely amazing. taylor has taught me alot of things, but what I thank her for the most is for teaching me how to be a better a person, for teaching me that its ok to not be strong all the time and that good things do happen to people who deserve it. taylor is such an amazing role modle beacuse she is not like everyone else, she is different, in amazing ways. and she shows us that its ok to be whoever we want to be.
    i really hope that someday taylor will read this, beacuse I think she desreves to know how she makes people feel. and as I said earlier, the way she makes me feel is that amazing that I cannot even describe it. if I could just make one person feel the way she makes millions feel I would be the happiest person on the planet.

    thank-you taylor πŸ™‚

  19. Hi my name is bella berman and im your biggest fan ever i love you and my mom and dad are getting a divorce you are the only music i every listen to all day and you are such a nice person i have went to one of your concerts and i have been looking at a whole bunch of videos of you on ellen and i believe that you and zach efron arnt dating. i love you and i think im sending a note to you i hope you are reading this and whenever people say taylors biggest fan i say ha because whenever i see you on t.v i scream! and my mom say bella be quiet lol.I dont acutally know if im your biggest fan but i believe i am because you are the only person i think about all the time whenever im sad about my mom and dads divorce i think about you and im better and you enspire me so much to sing but im kinda scared because i think of people laughing at me so if im singing an someone walks in i freeze and act like i wasnt i think your have the most beatufuil voice in the world and your the most beatufil person in the world and im trying for guitar lessons and it would be a dream come true to meet you on skype talk with you or even meet you in person would be my most dream i would probley faint if i met you but just i would never ask for anything in than to meet you and if i did i would never ask for anything again ps right now im loistening to your music like i do everyday and it always makes me feel better and especially when i feel like im a nothing and your music is the best it never gets old. So yea im going to send you a letter about what school i go to or something and more info and im 10 so lot of typing.Your my favorite singer in the whole world hopefully my dream will come true that i can meet you. you are amacing, beautiful, the sweetest also nicest person ever, the most talented person every, and the best singer in the whole universe that the universe has every had. please if you can say something back.:) so only if i can win that would be my dream but other people want the winner so its ok if i dont win but ill always love you and if i dont win ill try again next year. trust me me bella berman never gives up on a taylor swift contest and congrtaz to the person that wins.

  20. also i have been a fan forever you are the first music i have ever heard and the most beautfuil music

  21. hes my cell phone number just if you call 8772729 but i didnt enter because we cant anymore πŸ™