Mike McGuire Releases Debut CD

Mike McGuire, formerly of the hit band Shenandoah, releases 6-track solo debut.

It’s been a while since someone played “Two Dozen Roses” on the radio, but Shenandoah‘s drummer Mike McGuire doesn’t mind. That’s because Mike has been writing songs and singing demos.

While his songs have been recorded by big artists like Darryl Worley and Reba, it tTurns out, those demos are really where the good stuff happens. After much convincing from friends and fans, Mike McGuire has finally released his own 6-track solo debut. “Six Pack” celebrates a digital release on Amazon, iTunes, and other online retailers. There is no word on retail distribution at this time.

“I never dreamed I’d be putting out my own solo project.”, says McGuire. “I’ve always just been a harmony singer and songwriter, but I had so many songwriter friends and Shenandoah fans encourage me to make my own CD because they had heard me singing my song demos and wanted copies. So I figured it would be fun to do and just did it.”

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2 Replies to “Mike McGuire Releases Debut CD”

  1. Mike has an awesome talent that should be heard. His insight, compassion, loyalty to his talents and the music industry as a whole, are rare find. His deep convictions and love of life experiences always comes through in his music and the tones in his voice. I hope you all give this a few minutes of your valuable time, I believe that you will be thankful you did.

  2. Had the pleasure of opening up for Shenandoah with a local band I drum for several times. Watched there career since a young child. Mike has a pure voice that cannot be over looked. Great job as usual on the CD release.