Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s Wedding Video

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert release video from their spectacular country wedding and reception?

It would seem that my original hunch was indeed correct. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s wedding video was NOT intended for public sharing, and has since been removed from the original youtube account. While SOME country music sites may continue to host and share the video, I will not be making an attempt to do so. Congratulations to the happy couple, and my sincere wishes that your private moments stay private.

The wedding of the year between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton seems like it was quite the fun and intimate affair. We’re really excited and of course honored that the couple has allowed a video compilation to be released that gives fans an inside peek at the simple beauty the day held for Blake & Miranda. Here’s the video that follows the couple from rehearsal to reception:

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Wedding


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4 Replies to “Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s Wedding Video”

  1. You know, as the person who posted the video to Country Music News Blog (http://www.countrymusicnewsblog.com/miranda-lambert-and-blake-sheltons-wedding-video/), I have to say I am torn about having done so. I had seen other sites post the video so I grabbed the YouTube link and posted it myself, then followed the link to YouTube so that I could watch it in full screen. Once I was on the YouTube page I saw that the video was uploaded as an “Unlisted” vid, which means you should only be able to find it if given the direct link. I think it’s safe to assume that the videographer gave out the link to a few people and one of them leaked it.

    As a journalist, the video is great for the site, and as a fan I felt privileged to see it… however, I am torn about leaving it on the site. I and my staff are not in the business of invading people’s private lives. If Blake and Miranda do not want it seen they can easily ask the videographer to remove the clip from her YouTube account, but I would also like to know how you guys feel… There are hundreds of country music sites that will re-post and share the vid, so does it matter if I take our post down out of courtesy?

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