Nashville country blues artist Charlie Bonnet III returns with "Same Shift, Different Day" single and video

After finishing a successful summer touring season, country rock troubadour Charlie Bonnet III has released a brand new single and music video for ‘Same Shift, Different Day,’ the blue collar anthem taken from his recent solo album, A Hotel In Valdosta.

Inspired by the Merle Haggard classic, ‘Workin’ Man Blues,’ Bonnet set out to create a song tailored to fit the woes of the every day worker.  “I know so many people that have a job they hate, or take any work they can find to keep food on the table.  They want to be productive members of society, even if the work environment and money are not ideal.  Something is better than nothing, especially if they have a family to provide for” he states.  “This song is genuine because I’ve lived it, and to a degree I’m still living it.  Before music payed my bills I had factory gigs, construction jobs, worked for a moving company, answered phones at a desk… you name it” he reflects.  “This song and video are as authentic as you will find.  It’s not some guy up there playing the role of superstar.  I’m in the trenches right with the people listening to it.  The fans know that, and I think that’s why they follow what I do.  I relate to them, and they relate to me.”

Closing in on three decades in the music business, Charlie Bonnet III is an underground mainstay, with an ability adapt and survive in the always changing industry.  He first landed on the national radar in the early 90’s as the frontman for the Nashville based rock band, Disarray, releasing five studio albums and embarking on countless van tours.  A series of acoustic solo records followed, as well as a stint as lead guitarist for A&E reality star and Warner Brothers recording artist Big Smo, and a four year run as co-founder and primary songwriter of former Average Joe’s recording act, Moccasin Creek. He is currently preparing for a new solo album, to be released in early 2017.

 The video for ‘Same Shift, Different Day’ can be viewed here:  CHARLIE BONNET III – Same Shift Different Day – OFFICIAL VIDEO