New Artist Highlight: Jackson Wendell

>Every once in a while we get a fan submission that goes above and beyond the casual mention of an artist they love. That was the case when Tyler Hendricks reached out to us on Facebook to make sure we didn’t miss out on young talent Jackson Wendell. Here’s what he had to say:

“This young country artist [Jackson Wendell] is doing everything right. He’s so easy to root for, and is worth watching (and writing about).

Jackson started writing these songs at age fifteen, continued to work and refine his writing, playing, and singing. And at the ripe old age of 18, has released two killer singles with a debut EP on the way.

When you listen to his lyrics, you would imagine you were hearing the stories of a much older songwriter, as each song takes you right to the middle of a familiar feeling.

He has captured the essence of young love (and its disappointments) in “Ain’t Coming Home,” especially in the third verse. The line about county jail makes you smile every time.

And the newest single, “Drinkin’ Alone,” drags you through the ditch of real heartbreak. The line that opens the chorus sets the stage of an all too familiar story for those who have loved and lost.

The thought he put into production on this one is also next level.

The song doesn’t just have a hooky melody and great lyrics. It also has THE SOUND. The whole thing, down to the tone of the electric guitars, sounds gritty and pissed off. It’s the kind of song that makes you wanna crank the speakers in your truck and shred your air-guitar until you get over the breakup.

You can tell that Jackson isn’t like most high school seniors. He starts his day at 4:30am so that he can hit the gym before he pounds the pavement. That kind of discipline is rare, and it’s what will set him apart.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Jackson Wendell is the face of the next generation in country music.

And he is good for country.”

Now with a testimonial like that, how could we NOT give Jackson Wendell a listen? Personally I think he falls into a nice sturdy space between Dwight Yoakam and George Strait but with a more modern lyrical sensibility. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a LOT more from Jackson before long!

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