Over 8 Million Viewers Bored to Death by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s All Star Holiday Special falls flat with fans

The reports are in and it looks like Carrie Underwood’s All Star Holiday Special was viewed by over 8.9MILLION people. Sadly, the reviews are in, and it looks like the majority of those people were either bored to death or sadly disappointed.Here are just some of the comments that have reached either my site or the official Carrie Underwood site:

Worst show I ever saw. She has a great voice. I wish she would just sing and leave all the other BS out of it. Who cares about her dog and her sister that can’t get a date.

I was very disappointed, her first performance with Carrie in black leather singing one of her own songs was anything but holiday. I tuned in because I thought it would be like they used to be different artist performing their favorite Christmas songs. And the attempt at humor was very, very bad, I had to change the channel. Sorry!

I watched the Christmas Show last night ! Carrie, where is your Christmas spirit ! It was all about you and your sister finding a date! Your poor mom should be embarrassed singing off key! I think you have way more friends in the industry of Country music to have filled spots that you used for promotion of yourself. I was expecting a Christmas Special ! Not an all about Carrie Underwood Show! Please, there’s so many people in this world today without, you could have donated this special to those children in The United States at St. Judes Hospital, the Unemployed Auto Workers of Michigan, the troops over seas,or the Mothers with Cancer of young children. Why did you say you wanted to be Dolly Parton? YOU ARE CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! I personally am so disappointed in this whole charade you put on . It proves your money went to your head or maybe YOU DID PAY OFF SIMON to win AMERICAN IDOL! I really will pray for you and your gift God gave you, I hope you put your talent to better use in the future.”

More comments found here.

Now, I KNOW Carrie is a highly talented singer and performer. I KNOW that she will probably be the next Martina or Faith. But what I’d like to know is whether her concerts are better than this tv special? Guess we’ll have to wait until Carrie Underwood announces her 2010 concert tour to find out won’t we?Country Music Photo Gallery

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6 Replies to “Over 8 Million Viewers Bored to Death by Carrie Underwood”

  1. she got phenominal reviews what are you talking about ?
    here are some 5 star reviews from cmt, ew



    did you get this garbage of site of other fan blogs? Because they are incredibly stupid. It was a carrie underwoodvariety special. Its in the title. It was supposed to be all about her. It wasnt a charity special, it was just to bring seasonal and country music. and she had brad and dolly parton on the show.
    off course it was all about her, the skits are just that, good acting if you bought her in them being snobby or whatever. thats the point of her character.

    and her concerts are amazing, she is the flipping acm entertainer of the year for a reason. too bad many fans are incredibly not very bright then.

  2. Lauren, I’d love to say it isn’t skewed, but check the comments on her fan page and on our article announcing the show. For every positive comment, there are 2 or 3 that were negative. I love Carrie Underwood, but I also report things exactly as they are, without bias for or against artists.

  3. I would like to have seen more music in the show and less shtick. Didn’t like the dumb blonde routine given by Carrie, may partly be the fault of writers but surely she had some control. But truly couldn’t wait for some of the skits to be over!!

    Music was great, actually would like a copy of the duet with Dolly on “I will always love you”!!

    Read today that they are rebroadcasting it on Dec. 22nd. If I tune in it will be for the end when Carrie sings with Dolly.

  4. It was a VARIETY special – ever heard of that? All about music, dancing, comedy and a little bit of everything. It was for Carrie’s FANS – not for critics. And PS – if they were really bored or didn’t like it they could have switched the channel. Nobody forced anybody to watch.