Pistol Annies Album Review

>Pistol Annies Come Out Guns Blazing!

The Pistol Annies album Hell On Heels went on sale last week and has been sitting at the top of the iTunes charts ever since. The first time we got a glimpse of these girls performing together was on “ACM’s Girls Night Out” back in April. Luckily there wasn’t a very long wait between then and their album release.

These girls have got some things on their minds and they want to make sure we hear them! I feel like this album is a good look at their attitudes towards life, basically they don’t take crap from anyone! The trio’s name alone tells you that, they are a bunch of pistols!

“We ain’t ashamed of who we are, we like fast men and cheap guitars. Ain’t tryin’ to get rich, just tryin’ to get by…”

Hell On Heels” was a great first single and I love it as I’ve previously posted about, sugar daddies beware! “Bad Example” and “Takin’ Pills” are both awesome, upbeat and to me, funny stories. “Boys From The South” was perfectly written! It’s easy to sing along to and is one of those songs that take you down memory lane. By the way, who doesn’t love a southern drawl?!

I can’t get enough of “Trailer For Rent“. There is no holding back in any of these 10 tracks and this song is a perfect example of that. Things happen, its life, and at least the girl in this tune is doing what she’s got to do to move on.

Lemon Drop“, “Beige“, “Housewife’s Prayer“, “The Hunter’s Wife“, and “Family Feud” follow the same pattern as the rest. These songs are most definitely not mainstream, but that is the beauty in what the Pistol Annies have created. No matter if you agree or disagree with the words they are singing, you can’t deny that these girls have some talent!

To purchase the album head on over to iTunes or PistolAnnies.com.

Track Listing
1. Hell On Heels
2. Lemon Drop
3. Beige
4. Bad Example
5. Housewife’s Prayer
6. Takin’ Pills
7. Boys From The South
8. The Hunter’s Wife
9. Trailer For Rent
10. Family Feud

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