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Timeless, familiar and fierce are all things we think of when Reba McEntire comes to mind, and that’s why we’ve chosen her to be the first in our series of living legends.


Hi, my name’s Shauna, but a lot of you know me better as “WhiskeyChick“. I’m one of the head writers for country music news blog and country music on tour, and today I want to talk to you about Reba, the queen of country music, and certainly the queen of Oklahoma, which is where we’re based. My first pick for one of our Top 12 2018 Living Legends in Country Music.

I can’t remember a time in my life where Reba McEntire wasn’t the motherly voice I heard in the back of my head when struggling with a heartbreak or making a tough decision, or just looking for a little more inner strength. She’s always led her career with a fierceness and a fire that so many of today’s stars seem to think is a given. No matter what project Reba takes on, she does it with a certain amount of relatable sass.

One of the things I find most impressive about Reba though, is the fact that she is not afraid to take on sensitive subjects or controversial topics. She finds a way to take a story that is very hard to tell, and make it feel as personal to you as if had happened to you. The ability to convey that level of emotion, and that level of heartache, and that level of anger in a three-minute track is something that so few are blessed with. And that’s why she is one of our top picks for the 2018 Living Legends.

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Again, my name’s WhiskeyChick, and thanks for watching!

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