Rodney Atkins’ New Album

Rodney Atkins’ Fourth Studio Album Hits The Market October 4th.

Rodney Atkins’ newest album, Take A Back Road, will hit stores Tuesday, October 4th. The Curb Records’ platinum selling artist has been going strong all summer, touring non-stop since the beginning of June. The second single/title track of the album, “Take A Back Road“, is the fastest rising single of his career.

“I have put a lot of time into the recording of this album and am excited to say I think it is progressive and representative of who and where I am today. We are thrilled with the reaction of ‘Take A Back Road’.” -Atkins

With this being his 4th studio album and having numerous hits under his belt (“Watching You“, “Cleaning This Gun“, “Farmer’s Daughter“, “These Are My People“, “If You’re Going Through Hell“, “It’s America“), I find myself wondering why he gets so little recognition. Rodney Atkins hosted and organized “Music City Gives Back” this June, is currently working with Pillsbury’s Biscuitfest, will soon be touring in the fall, and no doubt will make an appearance at the annual CMA Awards. Atkins is also getting ready for the shooting of GAC‘s original series “Origin” and will be shooting in several locations for the video of “Take A Back Road“. Sounds like a busy man!

Make sure to snatch up Take A Back Road as soon as it hits the shelves, I’m sure Atkins will give us a few more hits this go around! The track listing is below and I have to say numbers 6,8, and 10 have got me curious…

Track Listing
1. Take A Back Road
2. He’s Mine
3. Family
4. The Corner
5. She’s A Girl
6. She’d Rather Fight
7. Feet
8. Cabin In The Woods
9. Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll
10. Growing Up Like That
11. Tips
12. Lifetime
13. Farmer’s Daughter

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