Shooter Jennings Releases "Cat People" Video Featuring… Marylin Manson?


Dark Animated Clip Features Marilyn Manson on Vocals

Watch “Cat People” Here

Shooter Jennings
continues to amaze and astound with h is latest album Countach (For Giorgio), 10 songs written or inspired by electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder, which he debuted inside the virtual world of multi-player online g ame Shroud of the Avatar™. His latest music video is an eerie animated offering of “Cat People” which features Marilyn Manson on vocals.

“Cat People” was originally written by Moroder and David Bowie and featured in the 1982 movie of the same name. Bowie also included the cut in his 1983 hit album Let’s Dance. The creepy pixilated clip was directed by Valenburg and Blake Judd, and the animation was also created in a 16-bit look by Valenburg. The apocalyptic story line follows Shooter and se veral women who flee Hollywood. Several references to Bowie, a hero of Manson’s, can be seen throughout the video.

The pairing of the two incredibly creative music minds – Jennings and Manson – came about when Shooter invited Marilyn to a party and asked him if knew “Cat People.” Manson confessed he sings the song every night before going on stage. Some time later, Shooter headed over to Manson’s house, recording gear in tow, and recorded the vocals at three in the morning.

In addition to Manson, the groundbreaking Countach (for Giorgio) album includes guest appearances by Steve Young, Brandi Carlile and Lord British himself, computer game leviathan Richard Garriott. Shooter made history, when the album was premiered inside the massive multi-player online game Shroud of the Avatar.

Shooter recently announced he will re-release his 2010 album Black Ribbons in a limited-edition package that includes vinyl, cd and unreleased tracks. The reissue of the critically acclaimed music comes in at the perfect time for the genre-breaking, dystopian concept album…Election Day, November 8, 2016.