Shooter Jennings To Re-Release Black Ribbons


Groundbreaking Album to Include Vinyl, CD and Unreleased Tracks

Shooter Jennings and BCR Los Angeles proudly announce the re-release of his 2010 album Black Ribbons in a limited-edition package that includes vinyl, cd and unreleased tracks. The reissue of the critically-acclaimed music comes in at the perfect time for the genre-breaking, dystopian concept album…Election Day, November 8, 2016.

Narrated by famed horror author Stephen King, Black Ribbons is a concept album set in the near future, when the U.S. Government has control over the airwaves, and a lone radio DJ vows to play the one band the authorities don’t want him to play. The album takes the listener on an incredible multi-genre, anti-establishment infused journey that brings you right back where the album was conceptualized – truth and awakening.

“On Black Ribbons, Jennings illustrates the despair that seems to be the zeitgeist now with dark, densely textured songs,” wrote Meredith Ochs in a review for npr music’s “All Things Considered” when the album was first released. “He borrows heavily from Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers and The Beatles circa Abbey Road.”

“Although his albums with his hard-edged alt-country band the .357s tested the boundaries of mainstream tastes, ‘Black Ribbons’ has bypassed those limits entirely, crafting a darkly atmospheric rock concept album about the last voice of true freedom in the land, a freewheeling late-night talk-show DJ called Will O’ the Wisp, voiced by King,” wrote Randy Lewis in the LA Times.

Along with the re-release, Jennings announced a limited series entitled “Beyond The Black,” which takes music lovers song by song through the story of Black Ribbons and how the concepts and theories behind the project still ring true today.

The limited, special edition re-release will be offered as a package that includes:

–       Double vinyl LP remastered edition of Black Ribbons

–       CD copy of Black Ribbons

–       CD copy of previously unreleased, rare and new tracks from

Shooter Jennings and Hierophant

–       New album art and special packaging

The Black Ribbons reissue comes on the heels of Shooter’s groundbreaking Countach (for Giorgio) album that included guest appearances by Marilyn Manson, Steve Young, Brandi Carlile and Lord British himself, computer game leviathan Richard Garriott. Shooter made history, when the album was premiered inside the massive multi-player online game Shroud of the Avatar.