Kenny Chesney in 3D

Kenny Chesney releases the trailer for his 3D movie “Kenny Chesney:Summer in 3D” Soon you will get to see Kenny Chesney in true-to-life form on the big screen which is cool, but even cooler is that it will be in 3D! Kenny is releasing a trailer today that previews his 3D special “Kenny Chesney:Summer in 3D” in conjunction with Sony Pictures. The film is expected to give fans the full concert experience as if they were really there. (I wonder if that comes complete with flip-flops, sand and beach balls?) The film is expected to hit select theaters in April of 2010 which will help tide fans over until Kenny gets back out on tour. According to Chesney: “It’s amazing to me how intense this footage is. It’s me in a way I’ve never seen myself – and I can’t wait to share it with my fans. I put all of myself into my shows, a lot of heart and sweat and stuff most people might not think is all that important, but I do… and always have. This film captures every little detail in a way that makes it even more important than I thought it was when we were working on it, and it makes my fans even more in my face than when I’m onstage, which is great! So I am completely thrilled that there’s something we’re able to give people a taste of the film with. Obviously, it’s not 3-D, but it’s pretty invested in what JOE THOMAS, the director, is trying to help us capture. APRIL is a long way away, and I know I don’t want to wait that long to let people get a peak at what we’re doing.” [youtube:] Kenny Chesney:Summer in 3DCountry Music Photo Gallery