Taylor Swift discusses life at fifteen

Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen” becomes the center of a radio special aimed at parents and teens discussing the challenges of young adulthood.

Taylor Swift is the talk of radio DJ’s everywhere but now she’s doing the talking. Taylor Swift is hosting a 27 minute special that discusses the challenges of being a young teenager in today’s society titled “Fifteen: The Times & Trials of the American Teenager“. This public service special is aimed at parents and teenagers, and will include a round table discussion featuring teenagers and commentary from a high school guidance counselor . Taylor will also share the inspiration behind her hit song “Fifteen”. The special is scheduled to air nationwide during the weekends of November 21st & 22nd, November 28th & 29th and December 5th & 6th.

Stay tuned for a list of stations that will be airing the special!Country Music Photo Gallery

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  1. Heya, do you have information yet on when and what stations this will be airing? I’s sure like to know