Taylor Swift – Speak Now – Available TODAY!

At long last, Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now is available in stores and online TODAY!

It seems like it’s been more than 2 years since the release of Taylor Swift‘s last full album, Fearless, which in country music terms is a lifetime. But fans have been patient, and Team Taylor swears that the new album “Speak Now” is worth the wait. Rumor has it Taylor is letting all the cats out of the bag as she writes songs about everyone from Taylor Lautner and Kanye and even John Mayer? I guess we’ll find out today as the album reaches online and retail outlets.

Speak Now and text your confessions!

Speak Now is said to be all about saying what’s on your mind before you lose the chance to. I would love for my readers to do just that by throwing a shout out to someone important in the comments below! You can also text your confessions to 22828 to be added to this post! Just text SPEAK ‘your comment here’ to 22828!

Incoming Confessions:

I fall more and more in love with you every day – Arizona

I love someone. What to do now? Lost and confused! *what you wanted – Maryland

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