Taylor Swift VS Miranda Lambert: Country Music’s Battle of the Barbies

Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert both share the country music spotlight, but which one’s a knock-out, who’s gonna just burn out, who’s holding a secret weapon?

Taylor Swift

Knock outs: Taylor Swift IS the voice of female teen angst in a pretty prom dress. Her songs are original, often lyrically witty, and touch her target listeners in a way that they can personally relate to. Her management/marketing team is certainly doing a phenomenal job of keeping her nose clean and her name in the spotlight. And her studio albums have all blown through the charts.

Burn Outs: What Taylor succeeds at in songwriting ability, she fails at equally in live performance. Unfortunately it would seem that her management team has not put any effort into maturing her vocal abilities through professional instruction. I hate to disappoint Team Taylor, but my guess is that she’s got another year or two before she suffers a Lila McCann style fate of forgotten teen stardom.


With a top-selling sophomore album under her belt, Taylor’s confidence is pretty high.  There’s even rumors of Taylor headlining her own tour already, which I honestly don’t think she’s strong enough to carry on her own.

Miranda Lambert

Knock outs: From being featured in Field & Stream magazine, to her work with organizations like Pawsabilities and Hunters for the Hungry, Miranda demonstrates that she is more than just a pop country princess. At the same time, she writes her own songs, and shows nothing but pure talent whenever she performs. She’s gained much respect from fellow country music artists as being far more talented than any “Barbie-like pop country princess”.

Burn Outs: Because Miranda isn’t showboating like many of the other blonde bombshells in country music, her name isn’t in the papers often enough to get the same super-celebrity status as the other girls. This could be good… could be bad. That depends on her goals. But with talent like hers, the press certainly ought to wisen up and take notice!


Miranda Lambert is heading into the studio next month to work on her 3rd album before she heads out on tour with Kenny Chesney this summer. As for headlining her own tour, we’re all waiting!

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61 Replies to “Taylor Swift VS Miranda Lambert: Country Music’s Battle of the Barbies”

  1. Taylor Swift !!! Haters are there but they just signify her popularity, nd this Article is so stupid, there’s written that “she will suffers a Lila McCann style fate of forgotten teen stardom” WTF ! Date of Article January – 27 – 2009 , its been 2 nd 1/2 yrs now, she’s even more bigger star ! Speak Now is multi-Platinum album… She’s singin awesome in Speak Now Tour !! On ur face Haters… Love Taylor

  2. MIRANDA ATW !!!!!!!!!!!!! at least miranda can sing taylor swift sucks sh sings bout being in this stupid fairytale land miranda sings from the heart at least they have meaning to them Taylor is just pure amateur who doesn’t know how to write a song or sing SO MIRANDA


  3. Miranda is a well rounded performer! Just blew me away at her concert. From the time she hits the stage she goes non stop and doesn't do costume changes just flat performs and I loved it. If I want to see a play I'll go to broadway when I pay for tickets to a concert I want to see you perform not how many outfits you can wear during the time you are on stage. Go Miranda love love your songs and your concert has been the best , keep it up!

  4. I love how people are saying how Miranda is hick and making fun of her accent. Umm what do you think REAL country people sound like? lol certainty isn’t winy valley girl Taylor.

    Taylor dad bought her million dollar contract. So no she did not work for anything. She had it handed to her. Taylor is a joke and fake. Her innocent image is laughable. She is known to be a bed hopper so she can write songs. Her music is for teens and grown adults who are stuck in high school. Her writing and guitar playing is below average. She is not country. All her performances consist of is her horrible excuse of singing, trying to put on productions and lame excuse for dancing. WANNNEGBT is the worst country sing there is. Taylor is bubblegum pop. She wants to be pop princess. No one who loves country music remix songs to sound more pop than originally recorded like Taylor. I wish she would just move into pop. That’s where her fans are anyway. TIts obvious Taylor is not country but is a product.

    Miranda will always be better singer, songwriter and performer. Miranda is Real country singer/songwriter who sings/ writes about real country situations. Miranda sings/writes about different things. That’s including her group Pistol Annie’s. She can lead with her guitar. Her performances are more natural. You can tell she is real country girl. She is real.