The Country Network Coming to Your TV!

Move over CMT, cause TCN has what the fans want! Music Videos!

The Country Network (TCN), a country music video television network located on Music Row in Nashville, TN, has begun broadcasting in twelve additional markets.

The Country Network is now available in :
Montgomery, AL
Las Vegas
Oklahoma City
Cape Girardeau

TCN will be the only television network dedicated exclusively to airing country music videos. TCN will be “all Country Music, all the time.”

“We are delighted to welcome these additional markets to the TCN fold,” said Warren Hansen, founder and CEO of TCN. “It is gratifying to have been able to add stations as quickly as we have, and a great credit to the engineering teams at both TCN and Sinclair.”
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17 Replies to “The Country Network Coming to Your TV!”

  1. Dear Country Music Network..

    We would love if you broadcast via satellite to europe.. we need american country music as we have not had a country music station since CMT left us many years back.. ive listened to your station online and it is excellent.. might be worth you getting in touch with which is our main satellite provider in western europe (Ireand/ England) and seeing if you could bring American country music back to us with The Country Music Network.

    Kind Regards
    John Stenson

  2. When you say you play what the people want (assuming you mean country music) I listen. How about some Steve Vaus? Truly Patriotic Music. A bit dated, but in line with quite a bit of what you play now.

  3. Welcome to TCN. This is great to have all country music videos, now please allow music from the country sound of the 1950 and 1960 era. I feel the newer artists are very talented,but we middle aged fans and senior fans long for the sound and the beat of the 1950 and 1960 atrists. It would be great of the newer artists would contribute to reviving this sound and beat. I feel the money would still be there for them. My grandson is 28 and loves the older music. He and his friends go to all the older artists concerts when they are in town.Thanks, Ella

  4. i love this network soooooo much. I never liked country music but now i can watch it all the time. it is really cool how on music t.v. show will change someone. Sometimes they play music i listen to it over and over agian it is ok though.

  5. What happened to Country Network in the Richmond, Va area.
    We have not had it since about October.
    Loved the network and hope it will air again in our area.

  6. I really appreciate the legend series videos you’ve been airing recently. I’d rather see them than most of the newer ones. Country ain’t what it used to be.

  7. There is a country song that I heard a woman sings it, but I don't know who it is in the video it shows a woman who is depressed and old man going to his old house the woman singing has blonde hair anyone know who this is or name of song.

  8. Please….Please….Please, play Kellie Lynne “Dirt Cheap” music video. You guys have it, just need to play it on the air. We love Country Music and we love TCN.