The Judds Television Series – Live Interview

The Judds talk directly to us about their upcoming series on the OWN network!

This morning I had an absolutely thrilling opportunity to speak with my all-time life-changing idols, The Judds, about their upcoming docu-series set to air on Oprah’s OWN Network Sunday April 10th at 9/8pm central. ‘The Judds’ chronicles the weeks leading up to and during their first tour together in over ten years, and is meant to work as both a healing tool for the duo, and a way to share with fans the importance of rebuilding their relationship after years of misunderstandings.

The interview opens with Naomi greeting Wynonna as “Poopsie Whoopsie” and continues in that line of playful banter throughout the discussion, but then dips into some very revealing and emotional statements interlaced with humor. For example, when asked if there were any ground rules before filming began, Wynonna quickly quipped “No yelling, no interrupting, no hair pulling, no wrestling“, and Naomi following quickly behind “There’s a difference between cuddling and pinning someone down so they cant move“. Of course, Wynonna adds in on a serious note, “Unless I decided that it was part of the scene, the children were not allowed to be filmed because they are not old enough to decide“, echoing many of her statements about how show-business dominated her childhood.

When asked why the ladies chose to work with Oprah over any other network, the answer was immediate. Trust. “We trust Oprah… and I know her approach to storytelling is to get the emotional baggage and skeletons out of the closet BUT use it as a teaching moment” – Naomi

I do sense a STRONG tendency to revert to “therapy-speak” when both are asked to communicate with each other, which offers a clear view that the healing of their relationship is an ongoing process, but what is most amazing about the way their story unfolds is that EVERY mother and EVERY daughter who watches this series WILL identify with what these girls are going through now, and the road it has taken them to get this far.

To summize the interview, what I’m hearing Wynonna and Naomi saying, is that this series is in no way scripted or predictable, and aims to open up their relationship to mothers and daughters worldwide as a way of sharing their challenges, achievements, and growth in what Naomi calls “The Mirror of Truth”.

Important sidenote: During the interview, the pair confirmed that they are currently working on a Judds CD which will release in April and a Wynonna CD due in the fall.

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