Tik Tok Roadtrippin with Darryl Anderson

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Canadian Country musician Darryl Anderson who is planning an epic roadtrip through the US this December to meet other Tik Tok musicians and their fans! His plans include a run south through the Dakotas, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Texas, and on up to Arkansas, hitting up house parties, backyard shows, dives and theaters in every town.

Darryl Anderson on Country Music News Blog

You may recognize Darryl from his current viral trending song “Shots At The Bar” which released in October of 2021. When asked about his latest releases and roadtrip, Darryl shared that he was excited for the adventure, and is keeping things fast and loose when it comes to locking in travel dates.

“I had a whole promotional plan for my release before Covid, but when covid came on I had to scrap that and change everything. Now we’re just winging it.”

To fund the trip, Darryl has offered fans the chance to tag the car he’s taking across the country by purchasing a custom decal he’ll be placing on his ride, and that should make for a fun sight on America’s open roads!

“Tik Tok people are making this whole road trip possible. ” says Darryl


You can keep up with Darryl’s adventures by following him on his many social profiles, such at Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and of course TikTok. You can also help support his epic Tik Tok Roadtrip by checking out the custom merch in Darryl’s Shopify store!

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