Tim & Willy Return to KMLE in Phoenix

KMLE Country welcomes back radio legends Tim Hattrick and Willy D. Loon with open arms!

Tim & Willy on KMLEAs a long time Tim & Willy fan you can imagine my excitement when I caught Tim Hattrick on the morning news announcing the triumphant return of Tim & Willy to KMLE Country 108! The pair will begin broadcasting on the radio station’s morning show the week of January 5th, 2009 marking almost exactly one year from the time the duo left KNIX.

Tim and willy have been a radio broadcasting team in Arizona since I was a young child, always bringing laughter to the airwaves, and help to our community. With programs like  the Tim & Willy Kid Fun-Dation, they are a shining example of what should happen when Valley residents find themselves in a position where they can make an impact on the betterment of our community.

From the Press Release:

“CBS RADIO Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Mark Waters said, “KMLE Country has now come full circle – bringing Tim and Willy back home to morning drive is an exciting move not only for their loyal followers but the entire country music audience in the Valley. Tim and Willy are excited to pick up where they left off – both realizing that they never should have left KMLE Country 108.

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17 Replies to “Tim & Willy Return to KMLE in Phoenix”

  1. Find it rather onesided that no mention of Dave Pratt and his wrongful dismissle from Kmle which he brought out of the celler.

    I being a Pratt fan hope that he lands on KNIX and returns them to the top of the charts showing both Kmle and Tim & Willie the true Top Country Show in Phoenix.

    I also hope that as bias towards Tim & Willie this site seems to be that Dave Pratt will be reported on as he relocates.

  2. I completely agree Bob. I grew up listening to Dave Pratt. When he left KUPD I switched to KMLE in the morning and tuned into Tim and Willie, while following Dave in the afternoon. I enjoyed Tim and Willie all those year ago and would even listen to KNIX when Dave was off. I was sorry to hear they were leaving KNIX. Despite enjoying Tim & Willie I will not be listening now.

    I have removed KMLE from my pre-sets. I feel they sold out. No matter how much I like the music or Tim & Willie, there is no justification for the actions of CBS. They have shown a lack of commitment, integrity and compassion. I will not support such a company. I will not support Tim & Willie in this move as I feel they have shamefully prospered at the expense of others. Had they waited until Dave’s contract was up I may have been more understanding.

    Bottom line: I’m anxious to see where Dave lands…I will definitely follow. No matter what the genre….well…Please no rap Dave!

  3. I’m very excited about Tim and Willy rejoining KMLE. I have refused to listen to or support either country station after they left KNIX and will once again be a KMLE fan. Hooray for Tim and Willy!

  4. I was completely amazed when I heard that Dave Pratt and his entire crew was let go from the KMLE. After moving to Phoenix 7 years ago I searched for a good country station to listen to. I could not stand the Tim and Willy show and ended up listening to KMLE. When Dave Pratt joined Stacey I was thrilled. I feel that what CBS did to the morning crew was very unfair. Dave Pratt did tremendous things for KMLE’s ratings and to have this happen to him along with Stacey and Shappy is just not right. I will no longer listen to KMLE and am now listening to KNIX, since Tim and Willy are gone. I hope to hear where Dave and crew ends up. I will tune in to their show wherever they are, but will NEVER listen to the KMLE again.

  5. I listened to W Steven Martin as a child in the early 80’s on KNIX. When I got a lil older, I didn’t listen to country anymore, but I explored pop, alternative and hard rock. After I graduated HS (’92), I gave country another chance. At that time, I preferred KNIX, because my favorite country included all time favorites from the ’70’s and 80’s. KNIX always played these, but KMLE had the top40 gimmick of only playing new country. Even though I preferred the music on KNIX, after listening to a couple Tim & Willy shows, I started listening to KMLE, because their show was so entertaining. Well, then Tim & Willy switched to KNIX and so did I, as a loyal fan. Then I got married in 2000 and didn’t have much time for radio anymore – plus my wife didn’t really like country and so I switched back to mainly 80’s 90’s retro with my wifee. Anyway, I heard of Dave Pratt joining KMLE and all I could recall of Dave Pratt was his extremely controversial, offensive show on 98 KUPD. I knew that with ‘traditional values’ audience of KNIX that Dave Pratt would never be asked to host a show there. I had no desire to ever listen to Dave Pratt. I am going to listen to KMLE again, because I miss Tim & Willy! I just hope that along with new country, they play all time favorites from 80’s 90’s. I will probably start listening to and liking new country again, all because Tim and Willy prompted me to listen to music radio again, instead of just Rush, Sean, Barry Young, JD, and Michael Savage. I’ll still listen to am550 & Fox News, but with everything else I have to do, daily, I’m not sure where I’ll fimd the time – but at least I’ll laugh more with Tim and Willy!

    Mikey D

  6. WooooooHoooooo I am so happy, I cried when you guys left, and now I cried when you came back! This past year has not been the same without you two! Thank you for making the start of the new year GREAT for me!!!!!!

  7. I have as much respect for KMLE now as I did for the owners of the Diamondbacks when they let Gonzo go! NOT! I will NOT be listening to KMLE anymore. After letting the best morning show on radio go, they deserve the clowns they have now and I’ll be surprised if they don’t end up in the rating’s cellar. What a joke! I was glad to see the clowns go the first time and enjoyed Ben and Brian but when they left and KMLE stuck poor Stacey with “frick and frack” or whatever their names were, I quit listening. I was thrilled to “discover” Dave one morning when I was looking for a station to listen to and wrote him my first fan letter. He was the epitome of a professional and had more class than KMLE ever deserved. He and all of the others members of his crew were great and I miss them all! I’ll be waiting to hear where Dave and his crew end up next and I’ll be programming that station on all my radios when that time comes. I look forward to hearing them all again and SOON!!!

  8. Tim & Willy are back!!! I am thrilled. I listened to you guys every morning when you were on KNIX. When you left, it wasn’t the same. Ben and Matt just aren’t the same. I will listen no more. Glad you are back on KMLE. Keep us entertained and updated on all the country news. You guys are “the real deal”. Love you guys!!


  9. I am very disappointed with the departure of Dave, Stacey with an E and Shappy. Sometimes I felt they were a little off track but 99% of the time I loved their show. I drive 65 miles through this crappy traffic in Phoenix every day to get to work and they made the trip fly by. I have nothing against Tim and Willy but I did not listen to them before and will not now. Unfortunately I think they are going to be your scape goats for bad decisions. It is your station and you can make the decisions but as a listener my only voice to you is to turn off your station which is exactly what I have done.


  10. Although I don’t like the way that Dave Pratt was suddenly released from KMLE, I am thrilled that Tim and Willy are back on the air. It’s a cutthroat business, unfortunately. Tim and Willy didn’t do the cutting; the parent station CBS did. Dave Pratt will land on his feet; good guys always do. As for me, I can finally quit channel surfing. Tim and Willy are back! AAAAAAAAH, that feels so good to say! YESSS! Finally, there’s some good news out there!

  11. I’m thrilled that Tim and Willie are back. While Dave Pratt was okay most of the time, he could get quite abrasive when he decided (mistakenly) to talk about politics – and I was always dubious about his decision to change his style to be more ‘family friendly’ as his own kids got old enough to be influenced by his often inappropriate shock-jock behaviour at KUPD. What, it’s okay as long as it only affects someone ELSE’S children? I’m sure he’ll wind up somewhere – he always has – and I don’t wish him ill. I AM selfishly happy that I get Tim and Willie back – so sue me!

  12. Dave Pratt and his crew were the best of the best! What a joke both KMLE and KNIX are now. At this point just plain music with no stupid discussions between songs would be better than what either station has to offer. I can’t wait and only hope that Dave and his group end up somewhere I can again listen to them and enjoy my ride to work in the morning.

  13. ” It’s the sign of the times”! Thank you & good luck to David, Stacey & team – (Another door will open. ) WELCOME BACK Tim & Willy…Lucky are the KMLE Country listeners. It is a Happy New Yr!

  14. tim and willie suck!!! i am very upset that dave is gone! HE IS AMAZING. so hilarious! tim and willie are cheesy and annoying!!!! i miss you dave!!!!

  15. Welcome back Tim & Willy.

    Those who liked Dave and crew don’t need to listen to KMLE any longer. The rest of us don’t really care.

    Oh, Cardinal car flags can be found at Walgreens, too.

  16. I used to listen to KNIX, when I heard that Tim and Willy were back on KMLE, I switched, now it’s only KMLE. All DJ’s have their fans, and it’s sad to see them go, but so glad that Tim and Willy are back on the radio.

  17. I am pleased that tim and wily were reunited to the kmle country line up. I’ve always been curious as to why the left i the first place. I hope that it was not an salary issue.