Toby Keith’s New Album

Toby Keith’s New Album Clancy’s Tavern Now On Sale!

Toby Keith’s latest album, Clancy’s Tavern, is now available! I have only heard bits and pieces so far, but the little I did hear sounded pretty awesome! We all have heard “Made In America” and “Red Solo Cup“, his first and second singles from this album, and have not been disappointed. Even though the catchy tune about the plastic drink container is fairly new, I’m already giddy to find out the next single! I just love this time of year, so many new albums to fall in love with!!!!!

Track Listing
1. Made In America
2. I Need To Hear A Country Song
3. Clancy’s Tavern
4. Tryin’ To Fall In Love
5. Just Another Sundown
6. Beers Ago
7. South Of You
8. Club Zydeco Moon
9. I Won’t Let You Down
10. Red Solo Cup
11. Chill-Axin’

Deluxe Version Has 5 Additions
12. High Time (You Quit Your Lowdown Ways) [Live]
13. Truck Drivin’ Man (Live)
14. Shambala (Live)
15. Memphis (Live)
16. Made In America (Video)

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