Travis Tritt’s “High Time For Gettin’ Down” Brings People to Dance Floors Across the Country

Dance Club Community Reacts To Travis Tritt’s “High Time For Gettin’ Down”

(October 29, 2013 – Nashville, Tenn.) – Nashville-based venue marketing company, Marco Club Connection, has released Travis Tritt’s high-energy song, “High Time For Gettin’ Down” to country dance clubs across the United States.

Released to nearly 240 venues and dance instructors across the country, the song has already proven to be a success with DJs adding the song into rotation on their playlists and instructors taking the dance to educate venue patrons on how to ‘get down’ to “High Time For Gettin’ Down.”

The track has inspired choreographers and dance instructors to create line dances, including one by choregrapher Donna Manning, which can be seen here. Dance sheets for the song are currently being produced and will be made available available for fans to download at

TT2“When I heard the track for the first time, I instantly knew it would be a success within the dance club marketplace. The song’s traditional country feel made it perfect for an east coast swing, a jive, or even a single step swing,” said Marco Club Connection Venue Specialist, Bianca Valentino.

Club owners and instructors are also speaking out about the song and the reaction they are already receiving.

“Tried out ‘High Time For Gettin’ Down’ with my group today and they went nuts,” said Patti Nivens, a choreographer/line dance instructor from New Jersey. “They were up on their feet in no time.”

Bronco Jim, a DJ from Keelersville Club in Pennsylvania added, “I’ve always loved this song! The crowd just loves it and I put it in high rotation right away. It is great for my club.”

The track, along with Tritt’s new album The Calm After…, is available for purchase on iTunes. Special merchandise for the song will also be created and available through in the coming months.