T’s Coffee Talk Thanksgiving/ Holiday Edition


Just in time for the holidays, Trisha Yearwood’s weekly Facebook Live show, “T’s Coffee Talk”, went live from Greenville, SC and covered everything from the Country Star’s favorite song off the newly released Christmas Together collaboration with Garth Brooks, to Thanksgiving memories and an impromptu Christmas vacation in Hawaii. With one hand occupied with a selfie stick to hold the iPhone and the other filled with a cup of coffee, Trisha Yearwood and good friend Mandy took questions from fans eager to hear more. Highlights include:

– At 7:05, Trisha recalls the first year she cooked Thanksgiving for Garth’s family, which was a total of 15 people! She always puts the turkey in the oven at midnight, and when she went to find it in the fridge, discovered that Garth had put the turkey in the freezer instead. Trisha had to run over to Claremore’s at midnight to save the day with a fresh turkey. Trisha says, “Those are the Thanksgiving nightmares that freak you out!”

– At 9:02, Trisha addresses questions from fans on her favorite song off Christmas Together. She says, “The song I’ve been wanting to sing with Garth for 20 years is “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. “It’s really flirty and fun … I’ve been listening to it since July and I don’t get tired of listening to it at all!”


– At 17:10, Trisha and Mandy discuss the difference between “stuffing” and “dressing”. Trisha says, “Well the difference is stuffing is used when you actually stuff the turkey… Stuffing implies stuffing!”

ABOUT T’S COFFEE TALK: Each Saturday morning, Trisha’s Emmy-Award winning Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Food Network is kicked off by her Facebook Live “pre-show,” T’s Coffee Talk. And on most weekends, fans can find her on the road as part of the history making, and ongoing, Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood.