Tucker Wetmore is Gaining Momentum on Country Radio

Tucker Wetmore is a name that’s quickly becoming hard to ignore in the country music scene. In a span of just five months, he’s achieved more than many artists do in years. With two back-to-back Billboard Hot 100 debuts, a major label deal with UMG Nashville in collaboration with Back Blocks Music, his first tour, and two tracks on the upcoming “Twisters” soundtrack, Wetmore is a force to be reckoned with.

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A Strong Debut and Radio’s New Favorite

Tucker’s debut single, “Wind Up Missin’ You,” has made a significant impact on Country radio, getting picked up by 64 stations in its first week and securing him the title of the No.1 developing act at Country radio. The track, which Billboard has called a “surefire hit,” has already found its way into the Top 50 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Wetmore’s presence in the country music landscape is undeniable and growing.

CMA Fest Performance: A New Star Rises

Wetmore’s first performance at CMA Fest drew an impressive crowd of around 7,000 fans. The Hard Rock Stage and its surrounding areas were filled with people eager to see him live. Fans, decked out in Wetmore’s merch, sang along to his songs, indicating that this newcomer is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Streaming Success and Rapid Growth

With over 200 million career streams, Tucker Wetmore is capturing the attention of a growing audience. His music is being played and replayed by fans who can’t seem to get enough, marking him as a significant player in the industry. His rapid ascent is notable, and his presence in the streaming world is solidifying his reputation as a promising new artist.

“Twisters” Soundtrack: Tucker’s Hollywood Moment

Tucker’s music will also feature prominently in the soundtrack for the highly anticipated movie “Twisters.” The first of his two contributions, “Already Had It,” was released on Friday and has garnered critical praise. With the movie set to hit theaters in July, fans are also looking forward to hearing “Steal My Thunder,” a collaboration with Conner Smith. It’s another notch in the belt for Wetmore as he continues to expand his influence.

What’s Next for Tucker Wetmore?

As we move further into 2024, it’s clear that Tucker Wetmore is an artist to watch. His music resonates with many, and his trajectory suggests that he’s here to stay. Whether you’re a dedicated country fan or just starting to explore the genre, Tucker Wetmore is one name that’s worth paying attention to.

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