Tyrone Vaughan Releases Downtime

Tyrone Vaughan Set to Release Downtime in September!

Tyrone Vaughan’s album Downtime is set to be released in September. The son of blues guitarist Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, has made this album true to his country roots, including his well-known family guitar capabilities. Along with “Downtime“, the record gives us “9 Times Out of 10“, “Buzz Kill“, “She Could Have Had Anything“, “The House Feels So Empty“, “Next Stop, Texas“, and “Wanna Hear You Sing“. Throughout the record we get a touch of rock, blues, and R&B.

“It’s country all day long, but it also rocks, there’s blues – I can’t deny it. I keep the Vaughan guitar in there, but with fiddle, banjo, and steel guitar in there as well. So it’s this whole different vibe.”

Vaughan is the latest artist with Kick It Up Music and Records and “Downtime” has been released as his first single!

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3 Replies to “Tyrone Vaughan Releases Downtime”

  1. Tyrone,

    I love the Song! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!!!!

  2. I am a big fan of the vaughan’s but this is really bad its sounds like it was produced in someones backyard

  3. Alt.Country/Pop Country is where the money is at I suppose, so it looks like he and his managers reinvented him real quick to cash in on “the country thing”. Hey, more power to him. It just smacks of insincerity because those of us that know him in Texas with his time in Breedlove and his other endeavors, know that he is a blues, funk, jazz, rock guy. So when he shows up all of a sudden singing with a forced-twang about hard times, bass boats and his pick up, many of us are like, “C’mon dude, what are you doing?!” Just kind of an integrity thing I guess.