Veronica Ballestrini – What I’m All About

Veronica Ballestrini is poised on the edge of a whole new kind of DIY fame with her debut album “What I’m All About”.

Veronica Ballestrini - What I'm All AboutVeronica Ballestrini may be a small town girl, but she’s got big dreams and an even bigger drive to get her there. From an early age Veronica knew she wanted to sing and be heard so she set about doing just that. With a long run of youtube videos that spread across the internet like so much infectious candy, Veronica sang everyone’s music from Brittney to Taylor Swift and back again. She shared her voice, commentary, and bubbling personality across social networks all the while working up to this point when the songs became her own.

Enter “What I’m All About“, her debut album.  The album is as much an example of current country-pop combos the same way that her rise to fame is to modern music marketing. A sweet and earnest voice paired with catchy melodies and lyrics that most girls her age completely relate to. And with a few years of performing for at least a web audience already under her belt, Veronica’s leap to the big stage will be a quick one I’m sure, unlike other current artists who struggled to get past those nerves.

Top track selections from the album are tough to pick out. While I normally am not much for pop-country, she does a great job of trying to change my mind. The track “Destiny” is moving, pulling you into the self-motivation that drove her the last few years to this point in her life and could easily become the anthem for so many girls I know. On the other end of the spectrum, the title track “What I’m All About” is a great leading single that (as seen in the video below) is addictively fun and bright. Overall, it’s a great album, and something the girls here at The DH Ranch love and have already begun memorizing, and they’re my toughest critics!


Attack of the Kimmie is a variety show featuring the kids of DHRanch. The clips used for Attack! are filmed entirely by kids.Today Kimmie and Court discover rising star Veronica Ballestrini… and a lap harp?

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