Vince Gill Releases Guitar Slinger New Album

Vince Gill Releases New Single and New Album.

It has been four years since Vince Gill released new music, and later this summer he will releasing his first single off his upcoming album, Guitar Slinger. The album is due out in the Fall, and features a wide variety of songs and themes from dark and serious to more upbeat and hopeful.

“I feel like the emphasis has been on the songs and the songs have gotten better. They really run the gamut of what they are about, how they feel, how they sound. It’s not an all-traditional record, it’s not an all-contemporary record; it’s all over the map, like I kind of have always been. But it doesn’t feel out of step with anything I’ve done previously.” -Vince Gill

Fans can look forward to hearing the first single off the album, “Threaten Me With Heaven”, co-written by his wife, Amy Grant, Dillon O’Brian and Will Owsley, when it is released later this summer. Since the writing of the song, tragedy has given a deeper meaning toits lyrics and theme.

“Since the song was recorded, my friend Will Owsley took his own life, so the song has a profound impact on me now. It’s a powerful, powerful song. I feel like it’s the crown jewel of the new record.” -Vince Gill

Also of note, the album features appearances by Amy Grant as well as their three daughters, Jenny, Sarah and Corrina. So, be sure to keep an ear out for release dates.

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