Vote for Brad Paisley EOT and Win!

Brad Paisley is up for ACM’s Entertainer of the Year and he needs your help!

Country Music News Blog has always been a huge fan of Brad Paisley‘s, and we are thrilled to help support his run for the ACM 2011 Entertainer of the Year! Voting is currently open at, and he needs you to join in! If you have ever been to a Brad Paisley concert, seen a televised live performance, or even witnessed the massive efforts Brad put into the restoration of Nashville after the flood, then you know that his life IS entertainment. I urge you to vote today, and vote every single day until the polls close. Get your friends to vote. Get your boss to vote. Heck, get your grandma to learn how to use the internet just so she can vote!

As a special incentive, CMNB is giving away a 2gb Silver iPod Shuffle! That’s enough room to load all of Brad Paisley’s albums on and remind yourself why we believe he is the hardest working, most talented, and definitely most entertaining man in country music! Go cast your vote, then come back here and comment on what you love about Brad Paisley, and you will be entered to win!

* Prize provided by Sony Music.
* Entries must be received by Sunday April 3rd.
* Winners will not be eligible for another prize drawing until 90days after this one.
* 1 Winners will be drawn Sunday April 3rd from comments on THIS post and will be notified individually.

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5 Replies to “Vote for Brad Paisley EOT and Win!”

  1. Wow… so now you’re a Brad Paisley ‘site’, huh? Guess I won’t be reading here any more. I thought you ‘covered’ ALL of Country Music, only this is nothing but a Paisley AD, for free! And now he’s offering an iPod as a “free incentive” to vote for him?? That’s called BRIBERY, or ‘paying’ for a vote. That just ruined ANY good thoughts that I’ve ever had for Brad Paisley!

  2. I voted – and am really looking forward to this year’s ACM Awards. What I like most about Brad is his values, and obvious talent for writing excellent songs. Cheers to countrymusicnewsblog!

  3. I dig that Brad Paisley does so much more than just stand on a stage and sing other people’s songs. He’s a hell of a guitar player, and designs most of the videos and graphics used in his live show. He also was one of a very few artists who stood up and made public the needs of the Nashville Flood victims.

  4. brad paisley is a natural.He sings from his heart.And is a very caring person.What i love about watching him .Hes a family man.And remember where he came from.We love you brad paisley