Will Carter Band Takes Root in Texas Music Culture

Houston’s own Will Carter Band has diligently cultivated their pathway through the thick Texas music soil over the last year as they ready for their forthcoming album release in summer 2024.  

Will Carter Band

Already trailing four successful radio singles in full bloom including most recently the harmony rich “Amarillo Rain” and the steadfast battler “Just Wait And See,” WCB plows ahead with their next new single release. “Had Me At Goodbye” will hit radio on March 22nd and is the ultimate break up anthem welcoming the end before it even begins. The music video will fast on its heels.

“‘Had Me At Goodbye’ was the first song that was written entirely by the band as a group. After an all-day recording session with producer Chad Mauldin at KJIS studio in Gladewater, TX, we chose to stay up all night and write rather than sleep. We’ve all dealt with the internal struggle of being pulled toward what we know we’re better off without. The common ground of each of our similar, while also different, experiences of being caught in a loop fighting what we think we want versus what we know we need ultimately gave life to ‘Had Me At Goodbye’ in a studio apartment at 4 AM.” -Will Carter

Although Had It All Wrong has not yet been released, the forthcoming album is already putting down deep roots for the Will Carter Band not only in the hardy Texas music scene, but also amid the mainstream landscape.  CMT premiered the music video for “Just Wait And See,” and along with TCN (The Country Network), cast a spotlight on the title-track.  The lyrical craftiness that fans have come to expect from WCB is alive and kicking throughout this new collection that stretch the emotional plain with songs about the perfect lover to the perfect breakup to the perfect kind of life. “Masterpiece” is your go to if you are in a mind to revel in the absolute perfection of true love, and “Front Porch Life” takes it down to the contentment found in easy ways and lazy days.  But the album also bears hard muscle for the polar opposite side of your delicate sensibilities with songs like “Your Love Looks Good On Me” that comes in with a brisk swagger intending to stay way past last call. 

The Will Carter Band is comprised of seasoned musicians including Will Carter (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Dillan Dostal (lead guitar), Bobby Tapia (bass), Jacob Lee (drums), and Bino (fiddle, keys, and percussion).  The band and its members’ have earned nominations for numerous awards, including Will Carter’s four consecutive nominations for “Male Vocalist of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year”, a “Band of the Year” nomination in 2022, and Bobby Tapia’s 2022 nomination for “Bassist of the Year” at the Texas Country Music Awards.  The band consistently performs 150 plus shows a year and will continue to greet fans at music venues and festivals this summer.

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