WIN A Copy of Colt Fords Declaration of Independence

Get Details On How You Could Win a Copy of Colt Ford’s New Album, Declaration of Independence!

Colt Ford released his brand new album, Declaration of Independence last week, and now, you’ve got a chance to win a free copy from CMNB! Ford has a very unique style that combines country with a hip hop vibe, and what we want from our reader’s and Colt’s fans is for all ya’ll to show us just how much you dig that style. Check out the complete guidelines below, and enter for a chance to win a free copy of the new album!

Colt Ford Album Giveaway: Step by Step!

Step 1: Choose your favorite Colt Ford lyric and share it with us in the comment section below!
Step 2: Share this post via Facebook and/or Twitter!

Contest Guidelines!

  • We will randomly select three entries to receive one album each!
  • Prizes were provided by Average Joe Entertainment.
  • Entries must be submitted by Friday, August 24th.
  • Winners will not be eligible for another prize drawing until 90days after this one.

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7 Replies to “WIN A Copy of Colt Fords Declaration of Independence”

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  2. "She likes to ride in trucks.
    She don't need me around, near as much.
    I wish I could slow her down.
    But my baby's growin' up.
    And she likes to ride in trucks" – w/ Craig Morgan!

  3. When life was simple as that.
    I didn't know I'd miss it so bad.
    When this whole world had way less worries, nobody in a.
    hurry and back.
    To mama's home cookin' and dad.
    Was baitin' my hook and I'm sitting on a tailgate,
    Thinking 'bout those days just.
    Wish I was.

  4. I still love his old song: “Riding down a dirtroad…laid back swerving like I’m Goerge Jones…smoke blowing out the window….an ice cold beer sittin in the console…”

  5. “Anyone just wanna go riding around, No worries. Well this is that kind of song. Yea alright-This is for everbody out there, circling the town square, proud to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. USA, Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford. Raising a little hell and praising the Lord”

    Love it!!!