Zac Brown Baby, Jamey Johnson Single, and Keith Urban on A&E

Zac Brown is expecting a new baby, Jamey Johnson releases a new single, and Keith Urban gets a biography on A&E in today’s country music news weekend recap!

CMT Hot Dish reports that Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band is expecting again. This will be his third child and they’re hoping for a little boy since the older two are both girls.

Jamey Johnson is following up his chart-topping hit “In Color” with a new single “High Cost of Living” which is set to release on February 9th. The single covers sensitive topics such as divorce, prostitutes and drugs, and is the second off his album “That Lonesome Song”

Keith Urban is laying it all out for fans to see in an upcoming biography on A&E. The production is still in the filming stages and there doesn’t seem to be any official news from either Keith Urban’s team or A&E’s staff as to when it’s scheduled to air, but be sure that we’ll keep you posted when we find out!Country Music Photo Gallery

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  1. Awh,, That is so cute that zac is having another! I dont know how they do it.. But his music keeps him going,!