2010 CMT Group Video Of The Year

Below are the nominees for Group Video of the Year! Leave us a comment with your prediction, and watch the 2010 CMT Music Awards live June 9th!

Toes -- Zac Brown Band
» Video: “Toes”

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2 Replies to “2010 CMT Group Video Of The Year”

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  2. Oh wow this one is easy, Rascal Flatts all the way, I was shocked when they didn’t win the ACM I don’t know who was voting but I didn’t know that because a group gets a number 1 hit that automatically makes them the new group of the year, wow Rascal Flatts have been on the top of the charts with each and everyone of the albums and not to mention the singles from them, this one should easilly go to the best band we got out there and that would be Rascal Flatts. I will admit though I am growing very fond of Zack Brown, these guys are coming up and they are very good but this year its still too soon to have them take it from Rascal Flatts, however guys watch out as these guys are really good and Toes is as cute as it can be, but not too worry its still your title and I do hope you hold it for many many years to come! God Bless You All! Your awesome not just for your talent in country music but for all you do for the children, your charity work is amazing, you all have awesome hearts and I am sure you have a place reserved in Heaven. I am so looking forward to see you three go up on stage to pick up your oh so much deserved award again this year!! All the best guys!!!