ABCs GCB To Be Canceled

Can ABCs GCB Be Saved?

Like any self-respecting and on trend Country Music News journalist would do…we at CMNB like to keep tabs on all the country music stars and their Facebook and Twitter feeds! Yesterday, while doing a little of this social media recon, we stumbled across some alarming news courtesy of Chely Wright. ABC is trying to cancel our new favorite television show, GCB Please, say it isn’t so!!!

This show aired just a couple months ago, and a lot of country music fans (these included!) have latched onto it. Following around the Texas elite, it’s kind of like a comedic, irreverent version of Dallas…okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But we are dealing with deliciously dramatic plots, well-dressed ladies, plenty of cowboy related humor, and beautiful people. Not to mention, this show is basically a soundtrack for all the country music hits! What’s not to love?

Apparently, there are many who agree! There is currently an online petition going around to save GCB! If you love it like we do, go sign! If you think it should be canceled…sound off below! Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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