Bill Engvall is “Aged and Confused”

Bill Engvall is back October 6th with the release of “Aged and Confused”, his new live comedy CD.

Bill Engvall Aged and Confused

Bill Engvall, best known for his “Here’s Your Sign” bit and Blue Collar TV is back just in time for fall with the release of “Aged and Confused”. The live comedy CD will be available online and in stores October 6th. You can pre-order the album ahead of time here on

Aged And Confused CD Tracks
1: Aged And Confused (7:06)
2: School Bus Kid (6:56)
3: Clubbing At 50 (6:43)
4: Game Night (2:49)
5: Bad Turbulence (4:35)
6: Shark Frenzy (3:11)
7: Zip Line (4:37)
8: Birthday Suit (5:40)
9: Pick My Nose (6:05)
10: Poopin’ Juice (5:24)
11: Colonoscopy (7:08)Country Music Photo Gallery

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