Billboard ‘Icon’ Shania Twain on Her ‘Triumphant’ New Album & FameAfter 50

Billboard‘s 2016 Women in Music ‘Icon’ Shania Twain opens up about new music, fame after 50, and more.

On her new album:

Shania Twain on Country Music News Blog

“I do most of my writing in the bathroom,” Twain says with a laugh. “Or in the basement. Or on the beach.” She wrote much of the new album at her house in the Bahamas, though one song was written in a hotel closet. “It’s a strange thing, but I do need that isolation. I need to feel alone and intimate with my thoughts.”

She describes the finished product as “kind of schizophrenic musically,” but maintains she’s “the glue.” Don’t expect a wronged-woman credo like Beyoncé’s Lemonade. “I talk a lot more about pain,” she says, “but I didn’t feel the need to be that literal about anger or hate. It’s very triumphant in the end. I felt like, ‘Whew! I made it through the album! I made it through writing all the songs!’ It was an emotional roller coaster, and the lyrics reflect that.”

On getting back to songwriting:

“I’m very satisfied being a creative person,” she says. “I need that more than I need to be a performer. Songwriting, for me, is kind of like cooking; everyone has to cook sometimes. Why not write songs?”

On writing about her struggles:

“It has been a real tug-of-war, trying to come to terms with very extreme emotions and explain it to people in the format of a song,”