Brad Paisley Embraces Twitter

Brad Paisley is having a little fun with his Twitter followers on the last night of his American Saturday Night tour before Holiday Break.

While some country music stars (Like Carrie Underwood) shun Twitter like it’s a dirty disease, Brad Paisley is showing other stars ways to enjoy their twitter-celebrity and the fans are loving it! Last night Brad was having a little fun with his Twitter-mob by posting a mock play-by-play of his show. Half-truth, half fiction, and all in good fun, here’s Brad’s account of the harrowing adventure!

  • I’ll be sure to tweet from stage tonight! Who’s all going?
  • What a set! The opening act was great!
  • Little Jimmy is out there warming up the crowd now. They’re in stitches.
  • Allison is here, going to do whiskey lull together live.
  • The band and I couldn’t decide what to wear. So we’re going out shirtless.
  • Oh, and I can’t believe tickets to this were only 4 dollars and 75 cents. Steal.
  • Crowd’s going nuts!!!!…and here we go….
  • …oh crap… Power outage! The whole arena is dark!!! Hope they get it fixed!!!
  • Ok, we’re standing out here shirtless and no one can see us. Even Allison got into the act, but it’s totally dark. Bummer.
  • Electrician is here…something about voltage regulation through a faulty relay and capacitor switching germanium resister…hang on
  • Well shoot..he’s shutting us down. We have to refund 4.75 x18,000. Who’s got a calculator? Why the hell didn’t we just make it 5 dollars?
  • Crowd was so angry i had 2B helicoptered out. they lowered a rope through the ceiling n lifted me out. Not my best show, but best exit ever.
  • Now I’m flying over the city thinking back on this crazy night. Close call. I don’t think we’ll play this town again.
  • So the chopper buzzed the bus over the interstate,matched speeds @ 72mph,lowered me down,I climbed through a roof hatch,now I’m in my bunk.
  • bunk phone’s ringing..”hello,uh huh…got it. Thanks M”: out the window I see a silver Aston Martin matching speed with the bus..
  • I climb to the roof&carefully calculate the distance,velocity& wind resistance; I leap & land safely in the passenger seat(convertibleDB9)..
  • I’m off.Oh I long for the safety of the American Saturday Night Tour. But for now, that will have to wait until January. I have a mission…
  • A lone fan managed a snapshot from their car as the chopper hovered…the sole proof of my adventure.
Brad Paisley Escapes American Saturday Night Tour
Brad Paisley Escapes American Saturday Night Tour

You can catch more of Brad’s twitter-fun at as he gears up for the next leg of the American Saturday Night Tour which fires back up in early January!Country Music Photo Gallery

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