Live Commentary from the 2009 Country Music Awards

Here’s our gut reaction to the Country Music Awards tonight as it was happening!

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Sorry ahead of time that this is so jumbled… real-time news doesn’t wait for you to get all dolled up!

* As a longtime Judds fan I’m a little freaked out about how freakishly alien they look!
* Kellie Pickler looks WAY more comfortable as a redhead!
* @TodaysCountry Love Love LOVED The little boy’s suit!
* How on earth is Jennifer Nettles WALKING in that dress??? #cmaawards
* Martina McBride looks like a greek goddess! #cmaawards
* @WesternGlamour Agreed, besides, I’ve always seen Jennifer as more of a function over fashion kinda gal.
* @Miranda_Lambert can you GET any more adorable??? #cmaawards
* Faith Hill is certainly makin 40-somethin look fantastic! #cmaawards
* Kimberly Williams Paisley has stolen the red carpet show! ABSOLUTELY Stunning! #cmaawards
* RT @Ottomaniac: Was Tim McGraw wearing guyliner & manscara?!!!
* Time to cut over to ABC for teh 43rd Annual #cmaawards! Taylor Swift will be opening the show!
* Taylor, still so shaky and a lil shrill when performing live… good use of the stage though #cmaawards
* I swear Carrie Underwood went through the classic country closet and stole only the BEST dresses! #cmaawards
* Wow… not 5 minutes in and already a dig on #kanye #cmaawards
* Brad Paisley sounds SO much more comfortable hosting this year! #cmaawards
* @TrueCountry_TV Come out next year.. we’ll make a party of it!
* Did Brad & Carrie just imply that Kid Rock stinks? #cmaawards
* Is that Billy Currington’s funeral suit? #cmaawards
* And Lady Antebellum wins Single of the Year!!!! #cmaawards
* RT @countryondemand: last CMA performance ever by B&D? I doubt that! #cmaawards<-- agreed * Here comes Hootie... err.. I mean Darius Rucker! #cmaawards * Pete and repeat were in a boat.. Pete fell out, who was left? That's right: Darius Rucker! #cmaawards * Song of the Year: Jamey Johnson, In Color!!!! Way to go Jamey!!! #cmaawards * Well, we're 2 for 2 on bad predictions. Let's see how the rest of the night goes! #cmaawards * It's @Miranda_Lambert time!!!! Been waiting all week for this one! #cmaawards Performing "white Liar" * Take THAT Taylor Swift! @Miranda_Lambert hits every note dead on the head! * RT @countryweekly: A victory for Jamey Johnson is a victory for facial hair! -----NICE * Brad Paisley performing Welcome to the Future on the #cmaawards * @BurninNeverland Agreed.. that orange fluff was just... fluff * Sexy little tribute to Buck Owens - Brad Paisley's bassist's guitar! #cmaawards * @barrrrb You can see the CMA's online at * Zac Brown Band payin tribute to their home state with the devil went down to Georgia! Rip those strings baby! #cmaawards * WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!!!! #cmaawards#cmaawards#cmaawards * Show me your GRrrrrrrr face! #cmaawards * I don't care who you are, there's not a dry seat in the house after that performance from Zac Brown Band tonight at the #cmaawards! * RT @girlillajennie @zacbrownband and THATS how you perform at an awards show. Booyah! * I need a cigarette after that and I don't even smoke! #cmaawards * George Strait is up and showin us some Twang! #cmaawards * No standin ovation for George??? * New single being performed by Lady Antebellum - Need you now. Love this song! #cmaawards * OH: "I'd have to have a six-pack and a shot before I'd stand on that stage!"-@umpump #cmaawards * Amazinghow much they put into the stage production for this year's #cmaawards * Did Nicole Kidman get collegen in her lips? She's got the Goldie Hawn affect goin on! #cmaawards * RT @rickieleetanner: #cmaawards Miranda Lambert is the real deal, Zac Brown finally getting recognition... * Best Vocal Group Winner is: Lady Antebellum who is just stealing the show tonight! #cmaawards * @HopeDavis She sure looked drunk! * Artists release a single in the spring, tour all summer, then full album in the fall. That's why last year's stars win now! #cmaawards * Here's Carrie Underwood to rock that Cowboy Cassanova! #cmaawards * Too many dancers Carrie, they're blocking all your camera angles! #cmaawards * RT @umpump: Umm preview judds at #cmaawards.. Wow. look like madame tussauds' rejects #justsayin * @countryhound Then why doesn't she? * WTH? The historic footage of the Judds has Naomi lookin orange and Wynonna lookin plastic-white, now the roles are reversed! #cmaawards * Best New Artist: Darius Rucker! #cmaawards * Is that even fair since Darius has been in the music biz for over a decade???? #cmaawards #bullshit! * Now performing: Vince Gill & Chris Daughtry! What a pair! * @FollowCMT It's smooth but not entirely memorable. I think they could've done a lot more with that duet opportunity #cmaawards * @Farcethemusic Nope, he's a pop-rock singer using country to boost ticket sales & a floundering career. Wait...You WERE asking about Darius? * @gw27 Awwww! We can be couch buddies! * EEEEK! It's Little Jimmy Dickens pullin a Kanye! #cmaawards I LOVE IT!!!!!! * Ummmm... where did all of Carrie Underwood's hair go? #cmaawards * Keith Urban takes the stage #cmaawards * @FollowCMT Taylor Swift hands down. Not my personal choice, but it's just in the cards * Tim McGraw comes on to show off his Southern Voice! #cmaawards * Did Tim MCgraw forget his first few words? #cmaawards * @lizlabee I think Tim McGraw's strugglin to read his lyrics off a prompter through all that manscara! #cmaawards * @ey_radio Right there with ya! * @TrueCountry_TV Nice plug with Brad Paisley in that phone commercial! * Nice nod to the tropps on tonight's #cmaawards * I meant TROOPS * Sugarland shares the love with What do I have to Do #cmaawards * @BurninNeverland WHAT??? WHEN??? Link me!!!! * What the hell is that Bruise on Jennifer Nettle's Arm??? #cmaawards * @TrueCountry_TV It covers her entire right bicep. Crazy icky! * RT @gw27: New record label last month, new single & video this month, Christmas song , new album is the 1st thing on my list for 2010! * Little Drake has got the best seat and self-promotion gig in the house tonight! #cmaawards * Tonight's album of the year is Taylor Swift's Fearless! No surprise there, but well-earned! * "Thank you for saying you liked my diary" - Taylor Swift, if your songs are from the heart we'll love them! #cmaawards * Geez... for Musician of the Year you would think Mac MacAnally would get more hoopla! #cmaawards * RT @jakeofficial My view at the CMA's... Thanks a lot Jason Aldean!! 😉 #cmaawards * Carrie Underwood, what's with the collection of pickle dresses? #cmaawards * Brooks & Dunn choose "Honky Tonk Stomp" as their FINAL #cmaawards performance tune??? Really??? * OH: "I don't care HOW hard you play, you can't make a mandolin look hardcore" -@umpump * Jamey Johnson takes the stage with Kid Rock to get lost somewhere between Jennings and Jones #cmaawards * @Farcethemusic I love you! * Want more from tonight's winning artists? Visit #cmaawards * Julianne is lookin mighty hot for a rumored-to-be single gal! #cmaawards * Vocal Duo of the Year is: Sugarland!!!! #cmaawards * Great honor by Jennifer Nettles calling out B&D but shouldn't Kristian Bush get a chance to talk? #cmaawards * RT @GotCountry: Taylor's performance will have students from her own Hendersonville High School * @artisanalmich HAHAHAA! That was fanTASTIC! * Taylor Swift is back onstage and she's performing Fifteen surrounded by schoolmates! #cmaawards * Male Vocalist of the Year is: Brad Paisley!!!! My heart is singing Welcome to the future! #cmaawards * @TawnyTucker My thoughts exactly! * Jason Aldean wants you to ride his Big Green Tractor! #cmaawards * Celebrate with me! Barbara Mandrell is entered into the country music hall of fame and Martina McBride sings her in! #cmaawards * @jesseleemusic Lookin great lil lady! #cmaawards * Surprise attack of the King George! George and Martina finish up "When Country Wasn't Cool" #cmaawards * And now Barbara Mandrell comes to the stage to receive recognition! DAMN she looks GOOD!!!!! #cmaawards * Carrie introduces Reba! GO OKLAHOMA MUSICIANS!!!! #cmaawards * Reba jumps right into "Consider Me Gone" when we all know just just came back with a vengeance! #cmaawards * How on earth does Billy Currington get stuck following a groundshaker like REba? Poor kid. #cmaawards * RT @CountryCa Lonely CMA Awards viewers on the west coast, join us for the CMA Live Blog: Pacific Edition. * Female vocalist of the year is: Taylor Swift! #cmaawards * Now on stage: Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews singing I'm Alive #cmaawards * This song just melts me, and Chesney normally doesn't do that for me. #cmaawards * My money's on "Tater Wift" for Entertainer of the Year not cause I want it, but because the stars are in the right order #cmaawards * And here it is at last! ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR IS: *** TAYLOR SWIFT *** #CMAAWARDS * First female EotY since Shaniah 10 years ago!!! * "Every single person in that category let me open up for them this year"-Taylor's speech... slightly bittersweet @cmaawards * Thank you so much to everyone who tolerated my flood of tweets about the #cmaawards tonight! * Support independent country music news reporting by using for YOUR country concert ticket source! #cmaawards * Well folks., the #cmaawards are over. It's time for me to catch up on tonight's #glee and #Ghosthunters! * #CountryMusic news: Country Music Award Winners 2009 * WOW - the #cmaawards are like the iceberg to our titanic! Stay strong my little indy site stay strong! Country Music Photo Gallery

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