Brad Paisley New Song for A-T Children’s Project

>Brad Paisley Uses His Voice To Support A-T Children’s Project.

Brad Paisley has a new song available, but this new song, “Hard Life“, is anything but average. It was written by a young man from Springfield, VA named Joe Kindregan who has A-T or ataxia-telangiectasia, a rare, fatal genetic disease that combines the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, immune deficiencies and cancer. Brad and Joe met a fundraising benefit in 2005, and have maintained contact over the years.

Joe was inspired to write this song when his friend Brian lost his battle with the same disease. Joe wanted to put into lyrics the struggle of living with such a disease, both the good and bad aspects. He drew from his own experiences and from interviewing others who also have A-T. Joe wrote his thoughts and shared them Paisley who decided to run with the project. Kindregan had the opportunity to visit Nashville twice to see the behind the scenes work of taking his lyrics and making a song out of them.

“I’ve known Joe for several years and he is one of my favorite people. His disease is physically debilitating but obviously creatively and mentally Joe has such tremendous depth. It’s an honor for me to be the person to give voice to his creativity and cause.” -Brad Paisley

The song is available through all digital media outlets (or by , and all of the artist royalties from U.S. digital single sales will be donated to the non-profit A-T Children’s Project. This is a not for profit organization that supports and coordinates biomedical research, scientific conferences and a clinical center with the goal of finding life-improving therapies and eventually a cure for A-T.

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